Title: King of Wall Street

Author: Louise Bay

Release Date: 22nd August, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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I keep my two worlds separate.

At work, I’m King of Wall Street. The heaviest hitters in Manhattan come to me to make money. They do whatever I say because I’m always right. I’m shrewd. Exacting. Some say ruthless.

At home, I’m a single dad trying to keep his fourteen year old daughter a kid for as long as possible. If my daughter does what I say, somewhere there’s a snowball surviving in hell. And nothing I say is ever right.

When Harper Jayne starts as a junior researcher at my firm, the barriers between my worlds begin to dissolve. She’s the most infuriating woman I’ve ever worked with.

I don’t like the way she bends over the photocopier—it makes my mouth water.

I hate the way she’s so eager to do a good job—it makes my dick twitch.

And I can’t stand the way she wears her hair up exposing her long neck. It makes me want to strip her naked, bend her over my desk and trail my tongue all over her body.

If my two worlds are going to collide, Harper Jayne will have to learn that I don’t just rule the boardroom. I’m in charge of the bedroom, too.

Reviewed by Donna ~ Five Stars

Max King is Manhattan’s shrewdest businessman going. His junior researcher, Harper Jayne, is ambitious and focused in getting ahead with her career. Max is a father in his personal life to a fourteen-year-old daughter. Two worlds are set to collide; two strong characters are set to ignite in a relationship which is not only a working one. And oh boy, I can’t put into words how much I loved the contrast.

Harper’s truly sassy and a really career-minded young lady. However hard she works, she finds it difficult to please Max professionally. He is cold and blunt towards her. Consequently, she’s always tied in knots and not only because she has always wanted to work for him. Hmm…showing him her worth is going to be a feat and a half and you’ll see why!

I was sucked into the story wondering how Harper was ever going to get any recognition for her efforts when Max’s stance seemed to be so volatile. Nevertheless, sound advice is given by Harper’s bestie, Grace. She enchanted me so much and for various reasons. Firstly; they are chalk and cheese but their relationship works to a tee. Secondly, irrelevant of Grace’s wish to see her happy, one compliments the other. As well as Max’s sisters, his daughter surrounds Max with a strong female personality. Professionally, he had me laughing out loud at times since his clear frustration wasn’t only controlled by being level headed in the boardroom. I felt like I was watching him operate under undue stress. And that stress has a name, a body, and just WOW!

Max and Harper cross a line in their personal lives in unexpected circumstances and their passion is off the charts. Hot and steamy, you’ll be fanning yourselves with the anything at hand which I can assure you, won’t be enough. Max is just as bossy in the bedroom as the attraction between the two is hot and fiery; but back to the boardroom. It’s as if nothing had happened!

I lapped up the unpredictability of this story. Boss and employee isn’t at all clear cut. Due to the fact that both of them have their past issues certainly made for a truly interesting read. Harper is a little hard on herself. Inner battles of her childhood, being brought up by her mother and an absent father gives her this slight bitterness. If only she’d give herself a chance to accept the way things turned out. Will she?

I cannot do this review without mentioning Amanda, Max’s daughter. She is a funny young lady who’s very clever at twisting Max around her little finger, or so she thought. Me too! The relationship between the two had me smiling, especially since Max didn’t want his little girl to grow up. The shopping trip had me chuckling when Amanda wants to look a little more grown up then her father wanted her to. I’ve read a lot of books with children figuring in the story and I must say the character development of Amanda was brilliantly done.

I gave this offering five stars due to the fact it was light, funny, sexy and has a really beautifully written storyline. Max and Harper have fast become my favourite couple. I highly recommend future readers to put it on their TBR. It’s certainly worth reading, and I would actually go as far as to say I would revisit a another read in the future as it was that good.

Reviewed by Sharon ~ Five Stars

Ooh my, this book really knocked me sideways! However, it didn’t give me that wow effect straightaway. I shouldn’t have been so impatient though! And to my utter contentment, being able to read it in one sitting was a doddle and a half. After these few words mentioned, it’s easy to imagine the huge smile I had on my face after turning the last page!

“I want your battles to be my battles.”

Don’t expect nail-biting suspense or twists and turns at every corner; but yes, it has a huge build-up totally fitting for Max and Harper’s story. Why did I love this read so much then? For a couple of reasons, actually. Firstly, it’s romance at its very best. Secondly, becoming emotionally invested in the protagonists’ story was an important factor since theirs is a confusing relationship which at times, I found difficult to fathom. Not only was this aspect crucial for me, but also kept my curiosity piqued throughout the read.

“You’re an arrogant pig.”

Facing facts, how they’re both going to interpret their feelings wasn’t going to be a bed of roses for either of them. More often than not, I felt like I was looking through their own eyes. Better said; I literally felt like I’d converted into a Peeping Tom with a huge urge to see how they were going to be able to deal with their personal quandaries. Even though the angst level isn’t the highest of high, when the drama does kick in, I still bit my tongue. I worried. Good sign, eh? Hmm—I’d be fibbing to you if I said that the steaming hot scenes weren’t explicitly well-described. What is more, I’d be fibbing to you if I said that the author chose not to break boundaries by making the reader wait for them. Quite the reverse, so get ready for a scorching hot scenes entwined into a solid and passionate storyline.

“Watch your manners, Ms. Jayne. If you’re not careful, I won’t let you come.”

Harper Jayne’s interior struggles have deep routes. Hurting, those very routes make her a stronger person. At times, her ways of going about things I felt a tad incorrect. Nevertheless, I had to take into consideration her age and inexperience which you will see, is of utmost importance. She’s ambitious; her reasons for being so proud, understandable and to be divulged. Definitely not afraid of a hard day’s work, her drive to achieve her goal in life I never once disputed. The stumbling block she has is her boss with a capital B. Believe me… I took great pleasure in capitalising this letter. Okay! He is the sex-on-legs-bloody-gorgeous, and beyond driven in his field but…

I. Could. Have. Given. Him. A. Backhander! But I fell hard for this man who doesn’t mix his personal life with business. Shame on me for admitting this fact but quite honestly; his stroppy personality was so damn fitting in so many perfectly construed scenarios that he gave me no chance to think otherwise of him.

“You’re being pretty harsh with her, and I don’t think it’s about her performance in the office.”

I loved, no… adored the premise of this story. If you want to know more about it, read the synopsis but I highly recommend going in blind since getting into Max’s head was for me, ‘rien ne va plus.’ So therefore, his thoughts and how he goes about running such a monstrous conglomerate wasn’t easy-peasy. His personal life is a completely different story. When I did manage to suss him out, there was no stopping me respect him and ‘swoon’ big time! This word is undermined in any dictionary where Max is concerned! His huge soft spot I can’t possibly mention as it would spoil the story for you. Or can I?

“You know I love you, right?”

While writing this review, foremost in my mind is someone who truly impressed me. She knocked me sideways and is without a doubt; his anchor, his world even. Max lets all false pretences down when he’s around her and she just knocked the living daylights out of me! Sassy, she’ll cajole him, run rings around him and he’ll even make time to listen to her craziness. Regardless of whether or not he agrees with her ideas, Max is smitten. His selflessness shines in her company. More swooning going on here, so find out why Harper and I were completely enamoured with this little-huge-lovable person for yourselves!

“Okay, well you be patient with me and I’ll try not to have a meltdown.”

The secondary character development is par excellence. Harper’s bestie’s always objective and her support is what anyone would expect from a good friend. Max’s secretary is all for giving sound advice, his family…hmm, might there be another offering in the works? I wonder! Humour abounds in this really well-written book. Told in past tense from two points of view, it is so cannily narrated that most of the time I felt I was reading in present as the banter flows constantly. The editing is perfect and that’s saying something coming from a grammar monster! My recommendation is read it! Bravo to you, Ms Bay, and thank you for such an outstanding read.

Ooh, and how could I ever forget not to comment on the cover is a blasted sin. Take a look at those hands! For goodness sake, they’re Max’s hands. To say I’m lost for words isn’t in it! The quotes. I’d highlighted many and tried my best not to let on which was a difficult task.

“You see a pretty girl in the corridor and offer her a job sharpening pencils?”

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About Louise

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Faithful and Hopeful and the novella series’ The Empire State Series, What the Lightning Sees and Calling Me. The novels and together the series are stand-alone although there are some overlapping characters.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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