COVER REVEAL                                      BOOTY CAMP by DEBRA ANASTASIA



Title: Booty Camp

Author: Debra Anastasia

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Design: Debra Anastasia

Photo: Depositphoto kantver

Release Day: 28th August, 2016


GRs label





Booty Camp Dating Service is a wildly successful matchmaking company. The twist? Well, Wolf (who inherited his gift for seeing potential love) is NEVER wrong when he matches people.

He’s sexy but stays behind the scenes, letting his buddy, Chance do all the talking while he matches the clients at parties and events. Booty Camp Dating Service travels the country, and nine months after they leave the city there’s always a flurry of weddings and an accompanying baby boom. Booty Camp claims that clients will be 110% satisfied and they deliver on that promise every single time.

Except Wolf refuses to deliver on that guarantee for himself. He doesn’t find love until Hazel’s best friend pushes her through his front door. Now all he wants to do is make sure Hazel is 110% satisfied…in his bed. Which, ironically, would break the very rules Wolf demands of his employees–no dating clients, ever. So instead, Wolf and Hazel fight. And kiss. And fight some more.

Will Wolf’s own rules make him the very first Booty Camp HappilyNever After?

Line up readers, your Booty Camp date is waiting…




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