Release Day Blitz ~ Quake by Jacob Chance



Author: Jacob Chance

Cover Designer: Jessica Hildreth

Release date: 16th June, 2016

Cover Model: Nathan Hainline


GRs label






From the first moment I saw Janny Moore’s sparkling eyes and luminous smile, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of getting to know her…


She’s everything I need in my life, now I just have to convince her.

She’s never set eyes on me, she doesn’t know I exist…

but she will.




Kindle Friends Forever 5 Review by Donna Elsegood

This is the story of Kyle McKenzie, an ex-cop turned private investigator and Janny Moore, the young lady who Kyle is obsessed with and desperate to get to know. I’m a sucker for stories told from a dual point of view and couldn’t have asked for more when I soon realized that this was how it was going to be. Familiarizing myself with each of them and what they were thinking as the story unfolds literally had me stuck to the pages. And the beginning! Wow, even though they hadn’t quite met, to say it was titillating is putting it mildly!

“I’m glad I noticed you sitting here. I didn’t get your name the other night and I regretted it.”

The chemistry between them is palpable throughout the read; however, I sensed that there was more going on than just two people’s deep attraction for one another. Even though Kyle is a strong alpha male, I could feel a sensitive side to him which was one of the reasons I connected to him so easily. Probably why this young sassy gal, Janny, was affected by him, too. She thought she knew what she wanted but Kyle throws her a curve-ball.

There is a back story and it’s fair to say one shouldn’t be fooled into thinking it’s a run of the mill romantic erotic book. It’s so much more than that. There were times as things progressed that I had many mixed feelings regarding the depths of their emotional level causing some shout out loud moments. Believe me, that got me a couple of strange looks from my better half! What I can say is being testament to the author’s beautiful flowing storytelling technique and his ability to grab my attention will hopefully be the same for many other readers.

“What are we doing?”
“We’re eating breakfast.”
“That’s not what I meant. What do you want from me, from us?”

Mystery and intrigue along with secrets and lies abound. Half the time, I found myself cursing since unexpected happenings frustrated me. And I have no doubt whatsoever that these details were the making for such a good read. Delving into it, I easily forgot my surroundings. Alas, when real life got in the way is when I became aware that I had to put this unputdownable book down! The supporting characters are an interesting bunch of people and I liked how they worked into the story. Add the right mix of romance, angst and hotness and oh my, no shortage of hotness here, had me entranced.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to convey how much you love a book, how it makes you feel and how impressive the creation is at drawing you in. Jacob Chance certainly has the talent to do just that. I highly recommend readers to take a chance. (No pun intended!) I look forward to seeing what comes next and I predict a very rosy future in the indie author world for Jacob. I’ve struggled to pick up another book and the only solution was to go back and read Quake.





Jacob Chance grew up in the Northeast and still makes his home there. He’s always been a fan of books, especially thrillers.

Quake, an erotic romance is Jacob’s debut novel. He also has plans to release a co-authored book with his brother, author Logan Chance, in September.







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