Firstly, to all you marvellous and avid readers who have liked our Facebook page or any other FB book page for that matter, we are eternally grateful for the confidence you have in us. Why, you may ask, are we putting pen to paper, then! Why do we even book blog? Well, like most bloggers in the reading world, we do it because we love it. Our free time is spent getting the word out to you. The compensation for our efforts is that ‘like’ of yours. Nothing else! Having made a blog post for a cover reveal, a release day blitz, a blog tour, writing a review or what we know you all love, posting a book sale or a freebie with links correctly included, is done with gusto. We can’t put into words how your comments on said posts literally make our day! Seeing you tag your friends and you chatting on our page is nothing less than awesome.

Secondly and foremost are the authors who offer us a wide spectrum of reading material for every taste and for that we are eternally thankful. Your dedication to make so many readers happy is more than noteworthy as not everyone is aware that your efforts are juggled around life in general. After all those hours spent brainstorming, investigating and creating that perfect read deserves to be mentioned.

We’d like to bring to your attention a few things which could work both ways for authors and us bloggers. Filtering emails and messages every day; promoting one way or another, is not easy task but we do it wholeheartedly. Yeah, we’re gluttons for punishment in a good way. Nevertheless, there comes a point in this blogging world when we feel that when we do choose to post reviews et cetera, and it’s not an easy task, our efforts are lost wherever and for whatever reason. In spite of the blog being a small, big or a mega one, one liking our posts is a phenomenon difficult to generalise. A smidgen of thoughtfulness would never, ever be taken for granted. Far from it! You’d truly crack up seeing us jump for joy when we see that you have taken the trouble to like our posts. Time is precious; we all to do our utmost best in reaching out to authors’ fans or new readers. Most of us have a family life, work and on top of it, go to extremes to please. The only gain the majority of smaller blogs have is a little recognition.

Reading those instructions highlighted in bold script from authors’ PRs or PAs when we should or shouldn’t post becomes our Achilles heel though. Whether or not it conveniently coincides with one’s time zones is obviously another problem. This is the big ‘but’… we still do it! We still want to please. And all these instructions in the emails we receive can sometimes cause undue stress. Easily rewarded? Absolutely! An author’s like, share or simply a short message of gratitude is enough for us. We would like to say that in the majority of cases, this happens. The harsh reality is that it doesn’t and becomes a Catch 22 situation for everyone concerned. Spelling it out is this; liking and sharing the word reaches a multitude of readers. By not doing so is everyone’s loss. Those authors that take the trouble to do so know who they are as do the authors that don’t. Unfortunately, the scale is quite disheartening. We have no option but to rely heavily on you if we bloggers have a word in what you want to get over to the reader so why not take five and click on your tagged posts? We are not being in the least judgemental. All we want to do is to work in harmony, not abuse our blogger status and work alongside you. Working hard to reach the status quo is as much in your hands as it is in ours.

Then we have to talk about that damn synopsis that’s probably a thorn in many an author’s backside. Whatever happened to just discovering the book by ourselves? We have noticed of late that an increasing number of authors are letting on in their blurbs which is the equivalent of reading the last page and could easily ruin the book for many. The same goes for the reviewer who has to take utmost care in not overstepping this extremely fine line. Please don’t let on! There is nothing more refreshing than that of surprise. There is nothing more irritating than knowing what is going to happen. Regarding ratings, our opinion is simply ignore them and judge for yourselves. There has never been a written word about likes and dislikes. It’s all on you!

Right! Now we’ve had our say, we’d really appreciate all of you taking note of what has been said. Us KFF gals are only here to please. To quote John Lydgate: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. Happy reading!