REVIEW ALERT                                                 REGULAR SEX ~ Issue 6 ~ NSFW                                               by KITTY FRENCH



Title: REGULAR SEX ~ Issue 6 ~ NSFW

Series: The Regular Sex Series ~ Viagra for girls

Author: Kitty French

Genre: Erotica

Release date: 11th March, 2016


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About the Regular Sex Series:

Get Regular Sex, the brand new series of one-sitting erotic reads from USA Today bestselling author Kitty French, because sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a long term book relationship, or a cliff hanger, or emotional baggage.

You could think of these stories as ultra filthy, no strings attached one night stands – perfect for those times when you just want to have a damn wild, sexy time and then walk away slightly bow legged with a satisfied smile on your face.

Each story in the series is complete and unrelated to the next, a sensual lucky dip, because regular sex should never have to mean boring sex, right? In fact, the only thing that is regular about this series is that Kitty will release a brand new story EVERY Friday. A weekly dose, because, after all, regular sex is good for your health.

Perfect bedtime reading, or for commuting to work, or to spice up your lunchtime. Just make sure that no one is reading over your shoulder…

The Regular Sex series of half hour erotic reads from Kitty French ~ guaranteed to start your weekend with a bang!


Extract from Issue 6 ~ NSFW:


It’s normal to fantasise about your boss, right? If you saw my boss, you’d fantasise about him too. He’s like David Duchovny’s better-looking brother, and I don’t know what cologne he wears, but it makes me want to hump his leg whenever he comes within six feet of me. I’ve been his secretary for the last six months and he’s been the only man I’ve thought about when I’ve orgasmed since the day I set eyes on him. It’s just a shame he’s never the man underneath me at the time. Or on top of me. Or that one time in the changing rooms at the gym… anyway, you get the picture. Other men have been scratching my itch, but they never seem to quite hit my spot until I close my eyes and think about Anderton Spencer and come like a howling wolf.
There is an important meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. He sent me a memo this afternoon to make sure I’ve got everything prepped down to the last degree, and unusually he signed off with a reminder for me to dress appropriately. I read the line through twice, unsure what to make of it. I turn it over and over in my head, wondering what it means until curiosity finally gets the better of me as I pull my coat on to leave. I tap on his door and catch his eye through the glass.
‘Just to let you know that I’m all set for tomorrow’s meeting,’ I say as I pop my head around the door and smile. ‘You can rely on me to make sure it runs like clockwork, Mr. Spencer.’
He smiles. ‘Where would I be without you, Jenna?’
I let my uncertain smile hover on my mouth. ‘Can I ask you something else, sir?’ I call him sir every now and then, more for my own pleasure than his. ‘Have I been dressing inappropriately for work?’
He looks taken aback. ‘Not at all.’
‘It’s just that your email…’
His face clears. ‘Oh, that. It was a little joke. Because the meeting tomorrow is with the board of a proposed naturist village?’
He watches me process his words.
‘So you want me to wear… gardening clothes? Dungarees?’
He frowns, forcing me to elaborate.
‘Dirt under my fingernails, butterfly catching net at the ready?’
He narrows his eyes, and then after a few seconds he starts to laugh. ‘You’re getting confused. You’re thinking of naturalists. These people are naturists. It’s very different.’ He pauses and steeples his fingers on the desk. ‘They’re nudists, Jenna.’
Whoa. So tomorrow’s meeting has just got a lot more interesting.

END OF EXTRACT… click buy to find out just how interesting the meeting gets!





Kindle Friends Forever 5 Star Review

by Rachel McEwan & Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

“You frustrate me every day because I want you to screw me over your desk when I bring you coffee in the morning.”

Board meetings will take on a new perspective after reading this quickie delightfully presented to all the workforce who need to escape to the coffee shop for a breather, are train boredom commuters or traffic jam congestion drivers. And if you have the imagination that we do, the mere fact that a combination of fruit is thrown into the plot will make you think twice about what you are about to put in your mouth! Okay, reading it to oneself under these circumstances could most probably place you in a dilemma. Could even cause this naughty, but horrendously naughty read embarrassment underlined, highlighted and downright turn your face a colourful hue of red. Imagine your need for a fan when you haven’t got one at hand…like now…like on the Tube! And if you happen to have a neighbourly companion sitting by your side, you’re in a hell of a lot of trouble!

“They liked your presentation.”
“They liked your tits more.”

There is no getting away from the fact that Ms French knows how to delight, amuse and titillate the reader with an incomparable ease. Her writing this series is fresh, risqué and breaks all the rules deliciously well. These short reads meant to make us disconnect for a while regardless of whatever is going on around us, has in our book, paid off tenfold.

“It’s perfectly normal to have a physical reaction to the freedom of being naked ….”

Letting on about this ‘fruity’ story or the hotter than hot protagonists is not our thing. What we can assure you that this ‘quickie’ is really worth reading as is the whole Regular Sex Series. Once again, bravo Ms French.


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