RELEASE DAY BLITZ                    THE SCORE (Off-Campus #3) by Elle Kennedy


Title: The Score

Series: Off-Campus Book #3

Author: Elle Kennedy

Release Date: 11th January, 2016

Genre: New Adult




the score cover



He knows how to score, on and off the ice

Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she’s going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di-Laurentis is impossible to resist. Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won’t include the king of one-night stands.

It’ll take more than flashy moves to win her over

Dean always gets what he wants. Girls, grades, girls, recognition, girls…he’s a ladies man, all right, and he’s yet to meet a woman who’s immune to his charms. Until Allie. For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world—and now she wants to be friends? Nope. It’s not over until he says it’s over. Dean is in full-on pursuit, but when life-rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love.




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Kindle Friends Forever 5 Review by Sarah Bookhooked.


After reading and loving Garret and Hannah in The Deal and Logan and Grace in The Mistake, I couldn’t believe it when I was given the opportunity to review The Score. I can tell you now that after reading about both Dean and Allie in the other books, I was really anxious to read their story. And let me tell you now, it most definitely not disappointing. If anything, this is by far my favourite.

Dean is well known on campus with the ladies. He isn’t ashamed to flaunt what he has and as he says himself, “Live the life of Dean.” He is at college until he goes to Harvard to follow in his family’s footsteps; law. He is more than happy to live up to what people want to believe what he’s like. A typical college hockey player and a lady’s man, but is this really who he is!

Allie who is Hannah’s ‘BFF’, has split from her boyfriend of three years, studies drama at college as she wants to become an actress. She likes things safe since she’s always been in a long term relationship. So after one night with lots of tequila, she finds herself waking up in Deans bed. This would be Dean who has been give strict instructions to stay away from Allie given his reputation with the ladies. The fact that he was about to have a threesome when Allie arrives at the door is mortifying as she doesn’t do casual sex.

Quote: “God, I’m not cut out for casual sex. I feel…defiled. Except that’s ridiculous, because if anyone was defiled last night, it was Dean. Not only did I seduce him, but I tied him up and rode him like he was my own personal amusement park ride.”

However, Dean has definitely met his match in Allie with the way the sparks flew and oh boy, does he want more! There was no denying this was going to be a one night only thing. Come to think of it, there wasn’t actually sparks setting the sheets set on fire when these two were together! After lots of pestering from Dean, Allie finally caves in and admits to herself that deep down she wants to spend another night with him. She hopes they can work each other of their systems; however, one more night isn’t enough. So these two agree to hooking up but not telling any of their friends.

This book had some real laugh out loud moments like the incident with ‘Winston’, and then while they are trying to watch a movie…

Quote: “Why is your arm around me?” His expression is all innocence. “This is how I watch movies.” “Really? So you put your arm around Garrett when you watch movies with him?” “Absolutely. And if he’s nice to me, sometimes I slide my hand down his pants.” Dean’s other hand skims down to the waistband of my leggings. “Be nice to me, and I promise I’ll be even nicer in return.”

Of course, behind the person he lets people see, there is so much more to him than he lets on. He’s a really clever guy regardless of him being wary of his past and falling for anyone again. Then there’s Allie only doing relationships and not a bit of slap and tickle on the side. Can these two keep emotions out of it? I’ll let you read and find out for yourself.

I really did love this story from the happy laugh out loud moments to the sad ones, too. Elle’s writing is fantastic and with the way this read ended… I can’t wait for Tuckers story!




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A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager. Elle writes romantic suspense and erotic contemporary romance for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!




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