Andrea Smith & Eva LeNoir’s Bisexual Romance, BLACK BALLED is now available!

Two dominant males, two worthy adversaries, in a business that takes no prisoners, will soon learn that fate refuses to be ignored . . .

My name is Troy Babilonia, but I’m best known as Babu, a renowned literary critic with my own online column. I’m followed by thousands! I’m a living god in the literary world. I have no filter, and for that, my flock of humble followers are forever grateful. If it weren’t for me, they wouldn’t know what to read. I have zero tolerance for the weak-minded attention seekers, nor do I have respect for the self-proclaimed geniuses of the Indie world. My advice to all Indie authors is to never break the cardinal rule in this cut-throat business. Ever.

My name is L. Blackburn and I’m an Indie author. My extraordinary genius was loved and worshiped throughout the literary world, until one egocentric critic tried to obliterate my career. It seems I broke some “cardinal rule,” and now I’m paying the price for it. But I don’t plan on going down without a fight.

Sexual Content. M/M – Graphic Sexual Situations





  Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse at KFF

Firstly, I would like to mention that never in all the time I have been reviewing, have I taken down so many notes and highlighted so many passages. This read has had a huge social media effect not only on authors, but also on reviewers. I don’t read reviews prior to reading any book I review; however, what I had heard through the grapevine scandalised me. Previous to this, my sister-in-arms, Rachel, tagged me on FB drawing my attention to the possibility of reviewing this novel. Actually, having already one-clicked, my primary thought was would for once curiosity kill the cat. So I went in blind and started reading but in the interim period, I unfortunately had to put it down as a review with a deadline was my foremost concern. And then before diving back in, I stumbled on a petition regarding the bullying of certain authors on GR which I immediately signed. Not just for the sake of the authors in question who were on the receiving end either, but for the sake of anyone being bullied in general. I teach and have had to deal with this sad problem many a time. One would think that these so-called reviewers (trolls) who take so much pleasure in defacing authors’ writings and reputation would have better things to do, but apparently this is not the case. What I’m going to say now has been an add-on after finishing the review. I did what I don’t usually do and logged on to Goodreads to see if what was being said was not being exaggerated. Lord above, even though I knew this existed, never in a million years had I any idea on what scale! Call it ignorant bliss on my part, call it whatever you like, but one should never resort to this kind of behaviour regardless of whether the book is disliked or not. No-one forces us to buy it, to read it, to review it, and unless one can’t write a coherent and constructive review, why bother! A reviewer’s job isn’t the easiest and it’s true that at times praise is lacking; nevertheless, the majority of us who do review, do it for the love of reading and writing. Yes, one of the authors’ characters in this book hit it on the nail when mentioning that most of us are frustrated writers. How very true. Hopefully, those of you who have bought this book or are thinking about buying it, will ignore these reviews and make up your own mind. By posting hurtful and distasteful gifs, writing reviews in shouty letters, and using insulting language, (it made me wonder if these people ever use a dictionary or know what the word synonym means), is in my opinion, intolerable and highly disrespectful. This isn’t reviewing; it only has one name, bullying.

The beginning of this novel was a tad slow for my liking and missing banter, but it didn’t take me long to realise why. The authors had to put me in the picture. I found the prologue of Black Balled unusual to say the least. The opening line being in ‘Babu’s Book Talk’ weekly reviewing column where he writes his thoughts out loud, voices his opinion on books he reads and replies to feedback from his followers’ comments. He regards the success of Indie publishing ‘a fluke’. “Noooo”, I said to myself. “Read on Sharon”… here is me talking in third person like him. Furthermore, the famous columnist / reviewer par excellence just reviewed ‘Quincy’s Soul’ and said that it’s not even worth one-clicking. He’s intrigued to know the sex of the author who he is convinced is hiding behind their pen name and goads this person online. Yeah, he is a tad narcissistic, very much an alpha male, and you need to stick in there to understand that this guy actually has hang-ups which he’ll only be able to deal with by going to a shrink. When he answers a follower’s reply to comments made on said book he’d just slagged off with a ‘muah’, “what the heck”, I thought. Ah, but this is Babu. It’s how he works, how he operates. Sarcasm at its purest is so well convoluted into his personality that I loved to hate him! He is beyond cruel, foul-mouthed and full of himself. This guy is also an expert in throwing down the gauntlet. To whom you may ask and how far will he go to get results? His ways are not at all ethical. Compiling a suggestive video and sending it to an author he’d had words with opens up a hornet’s nest. Or not!

Larson Blackburn writes, thinks he’s the next best thing since sliced bread and can’t fathom out why his new release has been blasted out of the astrosphere by Troy Babilonia. All said and done, his novel is perfect! And it won’t take long before the poor man is accused of plagiarism. No less by… guess who? This critic who soon becomes a thorn in Larson’s side, quickly becomes an obsession. Now we have the author, a super hot gorgeous drop-dead alpha male who inclines to play for both teams stalking the reviewer which I found quite hilarious. Both sides complicate matters by riling each other with more than titillating emails. Neither has any idea who is who which makes a recipe for an excellent story.

And believe you me, I wasn’t in the slightest bit let down by a plot which complicates with every turn of the page. I loved both these guys’ quirks so explicitly described. Laugh at and with them I did, and on more than one occasion they frustrated the pants off me. Why? Because not only do their pasts catch up with them causing distress in their relationship, but they also have a peculiar way of dealing with certain issues. I could have jumped into the book and hugged the two of them to death. In truth, I would have been shortchanged with just a hug! It was plain-to-see that the authors had gone to a lot of trouble developing the secondary characters personalities too, which to my mind of thinking, is just as important as the protagonists. Larson’s ‘f’ buddy, Lloyd, is a real case and a half.

The you know what scenes are scorching, frizzling, tongue hanging out hot, hot, hot! More than one sexy episode literally had me fanning myself, and talk about cracking up over Larson’s satirical sense of humour isn’t in it. Well, as both have this antagonising trait, sitting back and enjoying which of them was able to outwit his adversary faster was most definitely a spectacle. And I could go on and on and on with many a detail in this read. But I won’t. What I would like to say is that this extremely well-written book has a flipping marvellous epilogue. Loved it! So please go in with an open mind, after all, it’s a damn good story! Bravo ladies.

Oh yes, and on this note ladies and gents, the authors wrote a story. A story. Not a book criticising our labours. Do keep this in mind if you’re thinking about reviewing it.

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Black Balled 3

Andrea Smith is a USA Today Best-Selling Author.

An Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. The Past Tense Future Perfect trilogy is Ms. Smith’s first self-published work.  Having previously been employed as an executive for a global corporation, Ms. Smith decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her life-long dream of writing fiction. Ms. Smith’s second series, Thee ‘G-Man Series’ consists of four novels and a novella. Her ‘Limbo Series’ is her first venture into a blend of romantic/suspense, mystery with steamy scenes and a paranormal edge. 


Eva LeNoir

Eva LeNoir grew up travelling with her parents to various countries in the world. Reading was her constant companion during her travels and her ability to adapt to different cultures fed her mind with endless possibilities. The characters swimming in her head are always from various horizons with a multitude of dreams and aspirations.  However, all of these voices always have one thing in common: The women are strong and independent. A true believer in the female cause, Eva’s wish is to portray the women in her books as the leaders. She sees them walking hand in hand with their partners and not be the sheepish followers of the male gender. But most of all, Eva LeNoir wants to offer her readers a moment of pleasure as they dive into the world of her mind’s creation.