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TITLE: Delusive

AUTHOR: Courtney Lane

GENRE: Romantic Suspense

RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2015





My name is Hanley Harper—for now—and I’m the anti-heroine of this story.

Revenge is my fuel; it energizes me when I’m running on empty.

 Elias Cari is a tool for retribution and the beginning of the new start. Unbeknownst to him, there is more to me than I will ever show him. He will know exactly who I am when it’s too late—when I’m done with him.

 I’m quickly closing in on the the perfect place to avenge the crimes committed against my family. The place where Elias is least likely to expect an enemy to be.

Beneath him.

 A problem hits me unexpectedly.

Elias has become a welcome addiction, and I’ve become his obsession. He won’t stop exerting control over me until I’ve become his exclusive possession.

How can so many things go wrong and feel so right?

 My plan is damned…or is it?

Content contains violence, graphic sex, coarse language, and scenes that some readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised.



KFF’s 5 ★ REVIEW by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

We have two leading characters with extremely complex personalities in this book, and there is no doubt whatsoever the male protagonist had me screaming at him throughout. I also had trouble coming to terms the leading lady’s stance towards many issues, too. And a note to the faint-hearted; the escalating physiological structure in this story is overwhelming to put it mildly. As the crescendo of violence grows; hard-core scenes set in which are easily visualised. Taking all this into consideration, and the explicitly colourful language used means that I would appreciate you reading the synopsis before one-clicking. Normally I would leave my recommendation until the end of my review; saying that, if you enjoy a mind-blowing dark read, this is a must!

As always, this author has a genius way of hanging the carrot in front of one’s nose. I tried my hardest to outguess the outcome and believe you me, when the crux of the matter unfolds, she deftly bamboozled me!

Hanley loves her father and will do anything for him. They have a pact of vengeance which must to be carried out regardless; however, the complexity of it wasn’t made clear to me until I was well into the book. Their revenge for the wrongdoings of an influential family is utmost. It consumes them, it also consumed me. How they would go about it involves the member of a very influential family and had be sitting on the edge of my seat.

Hanley’s father ~ “I was always the one to say you should never show anyone how you really feel inside. I guess I don’t ever want you to wind up like me.”

Hanley’s first day starting a new job in an elite lingerie boutique is not without its unexpected surprises. She’d been talking to her new co-worker, Skylar, who she instantly got on with when she had crossed paths with someone who rattled her cage. She had no idea who this person was. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t take too long before she puts two and two together. Talking about his good manners is laughable too, because he who criticises her for her bad language, had me enthralled with his dirty mouth. The story snowballs into a web of deceit, hate, and comeuppance. I felt like I was being led on a wild-goose chase in every instance, and when I assumed who was going to pay the price, I was wrong. Hanley’s provocative to the point that certainly brought out the best and the worst emotions in Elias. Is she flippantly goading him and does she realise she’s playing with fire? Interesting questions that can only be answered by reading their story.

Hanley ~ “I wouldn’t get excited if I were you. With the game you’re playing, I’m going to prolong your wait for as long as I possibly can. I will never be anyone’s puppet, not even yours.”

Elias. He really, really, has a screw loose! The fact that has a twisted mind and has no compunction when it comes to Hanley… or anyone else that crosses him for that matter, made me want to drown my Kindle in hot boiling water… and that is saying something ‘cause I love my Kindle! I damn well lost sleep over him. Call it obsession if you like! I love to hate the baddy and Elias is no exception! The high price his adversaries have to pay for their supposed sins was absolutely horrendous. The author described his traits and his gorgeous physique in such a way that I was sickened to admit that I wanted him to want Hanley for what she really was! I pleaded with him to see through her. Bloody hell, he damn well misled me! I still connected with this S.O.B and I hated myself because there were unbearably suffocating moments when I would have jumped into the story and throttled him.

Elias ~ “I’m fully aware of my actions and whether they are right or wrong. I act against morals and socially accepted norms when it’s need.”

I don’t honestly think I can ever remember reading a book where the attraction for two individual’s burning passion goes beyond the boundaries of obsessional eroticism. Obviously, I can’t say what I really want as this review would never be published! HEA? I’m also a cruel soul! As I’d love you fans who appreciate this kind of genre to read it, I shall let you make your own opinion. So here we go with the sum up. Ms Lane, your style of writing is unique and not to be taken lightly. One has to absorb every word, every sentence, and every chapter you have written for all its worth. This must be one of the most difficult reviews I’ve written as I simply didn’t want to add one spoiler to this consumingly brilliant read. You lady, had me fooled. So, so fooled! So what can I say except BRAVO!





Hmph.I leaned back on my elbows and looked up at the night sky. Im in my late twenties, Elias. I think their job is done. Im an adult. My parents are no longer responsible for me.
Their job is never done. With the way my parents continuously intercede in my life and my decision-making from a distance, believe me, Im not just talking out of the side of my mouth.
Talking out of your ass?
He cut his eyes at me.
Sitting up, I tried to stifle my laugh. What the fuck is the deal with you and the little to no cursing? Its so weird.
There is a time and a place. I definitely do my fair share of abusing the English language when needed, or when Im in the bedroom.His expression transformed to one that stopped me cold and aroused me at the same time. I shouldnt say bedroom since I dont confine sex to just one place. I can have a very salacious mouth when Im in that mode.
I quickly crossed one leg tightly over the other with my hands between my thighs. Mode? Youre in a mode when you have sex?
His intense stare intensified along with the reaction he evoked from my body. The effect he had on me was easily shown through my hands.  Sex is an all-consuming, mind-manipulating act to me.
Sounds like very serious business,I rasped.
Which is why Im not a skirt-chaser. Regardless of what you were told, I dont invite every woman who is interested in me into my bed. I need a connection first.
Whats your idea of a connection?
He slipped my free hand from my lap and intertwined his fingers with mine, closing his fists around my hand. The flutters in my abdomen turned into tickles when he brought my hand to his soft lips. The way we are when were simply talking.He allowed my hand to fall to my lap, but maintained a firm grasp. The way your body shakes when I say certain things to you. The way I know I make you feel when I touch you. That is the connection Im referring to, Hanley.
How do you know I feel anything and Im not just reacting to the weather?My vocal chords failed me, ensuring I could barely be heard. And doesnt a connection flow both ways? Do you feel anything?
He opened my hand and brought it up to his chest to hover over his heart. The swift beat startled me. Underneath my palm, I could feel the hard curves of a well-conditioned body.
His demeanor tempered on the verge of phlegmatic when he was with me. It was impossible to know if I had any effect, if at all.
I can see it, and I can feel it. I am, however, very glad that you stopped breaking out in hives.With my hand in his, he lifted my chin. Your body has shown me that its desperate for me to fill every single fuckable hole you have.
I clenched my thighs tighter around my palm, cutting off the circulation in my hand.
As Ive said,his smile tempting me further, some occasions call for the use of the word fuck.With his eyes half-closed, he smoothly released his hold on me. Keep in mind there is more than one way to penetrate someone. If you thought I was talking about sex…” A coy smile turned into a deviant one and made my unfettered reaction to him worse. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasnt.
Fuck me. My hand had begun to fall asleep with the way I tortured it between my thighs.
Do you need a change of topics, Ley?He didnt ask the question in a way to soothe the burn, he did it in a way that made it worse. Every word that fell from his lips exploded with pure seduction.
Yes. Definitely.




COURTNEY LANE has been creating her own little world since she was very young. When she was eight years old,  she began to bring her worlds to life with a pen and paper. 

Although she’s had a few short hiatuses, writing has been her passion for a number of years. Until 2013, she’d always viewed her writing as a personal hobby and a purgative process: She never thought about sharing her very personal works with anyone outside of her friends and family. On October 8, 2013, she took the plunge into self-publishing and began making her works available to the public.  
While many of her works touch several different genres, she has an  archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her stories they have to have certain brand of strength, be deeply flawed, and harbor layered personalities. In her books you will find themes that reflect the darker side of life with a tremendous amount of depth and complexity. She also has an affinity for characters that aren’t necessarily the girl or boy next door, or the people you’d encounter in everyday life. In other words, she prefers to explore characters who aren’t easy to fall in love with.
Currently, Courtney can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing game on her X-Box (preferably a game by Bioware), or spending time with her family.




– $20 Amazon e-Gift Card
– 3 ebooks authored by Courtney Lane (gifted through Amazon)

Books include:
The Sordid Promise, The Sect, The Teaser (The Vamp Experience #1), AfterPlay (The Vamp Experience #2), Punk (StrangeHer Love #1), Shock (StrangeHer Love #2), Love Society (The Vamp Experience #3), or Delusive.






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