THE MISSING (Volume 1 ~ Illusion)                                                   by A.M. Irvin



Title: The Missing 

Series: The Missing

Volume 1 ~ Illusion

Volume 2 ~ Lies

Volume 3 ~ Lies

Author: A. Meredith Walters writing as A.M. Irvin

Release Date: Coming this summer

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Age: Adult






The Missing- Volume I- Illusions


Concrete floor…

Dirty windows…

Impenetrable shadows….

Where am I?

Days bleed into one another and I know I’m trapped.  A prisoner.

But why?

I have no answers and no one to give them to me.  Only the silence and the dark.

Except for the song.

The words tell a story that I wish I could forget.

About a girl who didn’t run fast enough.

A forgotten girl…

A lost girl…

A girl no one would miss…

 Readers can learn more about The Missing as well as gather clues and information about the upcoming series throughout the summer by visiting the Find Nora website!




Few clues in the disappearance of Nora Gilbert

Nora Gilbert has been missing for two weeks and police are baffled over the lack of evidence. Nora disappeared from a very busy part of town well before dark. Many people were at Waverly Park at the time she went missing, yet eyewitnesses are few.

One eyewitness claims to have seen Nora at the southern entrance to the park near the wooded picnic area. However, the lack of forensic evidence leaves the police with little to go on.

She was expecting to meet her friend, Maren Laughlin around 7:45. Police want to speak with Maren about the night in question and are appealing for her to contact them as soon as possible.

Nora has several identifying marks including a recent tattoo of a red and black infinity on top of her left foot like the one below. The skin is still red and swollen and was covered with a bandage when she left home.

Our family is looking for any and all information. If you believe you saw something on the night in question, please contact the Blackfield Police Department- 555- 6677



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A MEREDITH PICThe New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark and Bad Rep series as well Reclaiming the Sand, and the Twisted Love series (Lead Me Not out in 2014 and Follow Me Back coming in 2015) from Gallery Books.

A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.

When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.

A. Meredith is represented by Michelle Johnson with the Inklings Literary Agency.




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