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Title: Falloir

Series: The Passion Noir Series: Book Two

Author: J. D. Chase

Editor: Karen Perkins of LionheART Publishing House

Photographer: Copy right ~ Furious Fotog

Cover design: Chris Young

Cover Model: Scott King

Release Date: 23rd April 2015

Genre: Erotic Suspense Romance

Age: Adult









La Veuve Noire’s little boxes keep rattling as she struggles to juggle the challenges that life seems intent on throwing at her. It doesn’t help that the most important thing in the world to her, The Kid, is inextricably linked to the physical representation of her nemesis.

A new little box, constructed from guilt and grief, leads her to take drastic action. Tired of looking over her shoulder, Veuve longs to smash open those little boxes and face up to the demons inside, once and for all.

Ex-Commando, Jax ‘Jones’ is the embodiment of everything she strives to avoid. Frustratingly, the more determined she is to conquer her past, the more she finds herself relying on him. But what if the past is inexplicably linked with the present? Just who will face the consequences of provoking demons from the past?








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Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall.

Holy Mackerel! If I was sitting on the edge of my chair throughout Vouloir, I was either swearing out loud at the author or most of the time, I felt like I was dangling on a precipice in the follow-up of this series. Yes, the storyline is strong and to say the whole plot revolves around BDSM would be somewhat misleading. This is a thrilling read with so much more. Angst-ridden— there’s no doubt about it. Erotic? Well, I can’t argue with that. Veuve, the leading lady, is a proficient Dom with a difference. Romantic… no way José! I was in for a rough ride with all its twist and turns.

Ms. Chase is an expert in causing conflicting sensations only making me question many details in this series. How her two main adorable characters seemed to be constantly sidestepping around their true feelings frustrated me immensely. Furthermore, I don’t doubt for one minute that the author’s gone to great lengths to investigate into some harsh home truths which shocked me immensely. More than anything, the omnishambles of the supposed ‘welfare state system’ we live in is hard to admit in this day and age. At best, by describing this, has she brought to light our social responsibility which appears to be failing abominably. The case story written not only worried me, but also made me think that directly or indirectly, we are all to blame for turning a blind eye! And can it be true that with all the liberal notions we have, an ‘ex-commando’ in one of the most prestigious armed forces in the world is stalked to the point that Jones has to take precautions? This is what I look for in a good read. I want to be challenged, to rack my brain while trying to fathom out the whys and wherefores. I most certainly wasn’t let down for one split of a second.

Okay, so if I swore at the author; even more choice words were aimed at Veuve and Jones! When I didn’t think their lives could complicate further, blow me over with a feather, they damn well did! Jones, Jones, Jones! For you ladies who want him, he’s out of bounds! I have officially made him mine and since I’m sure you’ve all seen the cover of Falloir, you’ll understand why! Here is a good man. Drawn towards Veuve for his inexperienced sexual inclinations doesn’t make him less of a man; Alpha traits he has. Drop your panties gals ‘cause he is the bee’s knees. Honey’ll have a new definition after you meet this drop-dead hunk of a man with rippling muscles in the right places and tats, well, use your imagination! I loved his protective manner towards Veuve and the young lad who stole my heart, too! Yeh, he’s sure The Kid and him have someone in common which ups the pace to extremes. Laugh out loud moments gave me some breathing space before the next paragraph hit home. And patient… Jones, you are in my book, perfectly patient and more besides!

Quote: Jones ~ “My body is perfectly straight and I’m perfectly aligned with hers as she’s sprawled on her back. Mere millimeters from our heads to our toes. Our proximity makes me smile. It feels like victory.”

So can he get his act together with a woman whose past has traumatised her since when? Crikey, battle against it, she will. But if anyone has enough on their plate, it’s this lady with a golden heart. She’s far from being a pushover; however, striving in her profession as a sexologist, running a business that appears to be falling apart at the seams and psychologist in youngsters’ traumatic cases instantly connected me to her pain and ooh my god, my heart broke into smithereens. Therefore I would suggest having a big man’s hanky at hand. And maybe a big man’s heart wouldn’t go amiss.

The Kid! Love him. Motherly instincts congealed quicker than blood. All I wanted to do was wish on a star that this lovely lad was going to have a happy ending. Nooo… the author really plays a cruel game. Strong words are in order here… Or come hell or high water, I am definitely going to get back at you for making me suffer so much! More blaspheming, more angst, more nail biting right up until the blinkin’ end of the story… which isn’t, of course, the end!

Ms. Chase, you cannot do to this to me! The cliffy was steep enough in the first read of this series, but this one… it takes the cake! You have woven a spider’s web of intrigue into this one. I am overwhelmed with your ability to tell such a story in the way you have. I am certainly not that number one fan of yours who will give you kudos where they’re not due. So perhaps a little bit of encouragement on my part give your readers what they really want! Give us, pretty please, a happy ending! Ooh, how on earth could I have ever forgotten about the ratings for this devilishly noteworthy read which has me dying to get my hands on Avoir. Hate doing this because when I read a book like yours, it deserves ten stars, and this is it! Nevertheless, I’m feeling awfully humble by awarding a hearty BRAVO, too!











jd chase3I love reading – almost as much as I love writing.. I relish the sheer escapism of losing myself in a book that grips me and takes me on an emotional roller coaster. I regularly mourn the passing of a good book – am I the only one who turns the pages more slowly when you don’t want a great book to end?                                                                                                                                                                    I love a good steamy romance and I adore sexy alpha males. I also have more than a passing interest in BDSM (nod, nod … wink, wink). One day, I put pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard, actually) and the Orion the Hunter series was born. Little did I know that, at that moment, I was sowing the seeds of change. For, just a few months later, as a somewhat bewildered Amazon Kindle bestselling Indie author, I quit my career as an education professional to write full time. Scary stuff, I think you’ll agree.


2013 was a very difficult year for me for personal reasons. It taught me how fragile life is and how important it is to grab it with both hands and ride the hell out of it. So in 2014, I began my comeback with the Amazon #1 Bestselling Erotica/Romantic Erotica bestselling series, Rouge Passion. I also met many of my favourite authors and so many lovely readers at my first signing event in Edinburgh. I flipped Stu Reardon’s kilt! Happy days …


I have big plans for 2015. I’m signing at several more author events around the UK and I’m pouring my heart and soul into what I consider my best series yet – by far! Cue Passion Noire, a three part series revolving around La Veuve Noire – a sexual therapist by day and a desirable Domme by night. But fear not, sexy alphas are still on the menu. I mean … this is me!








Drop her a line – she’ll love you for it!















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