BLACKEST RED (In the Shadows #3) by P.T. MICHELLE


Title: Blackest Red

Series: In the Shadows #3

Genre: Erotic Suspense

Author: P.T. Michelle

Release Date: February 24, 2015



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall.

What a finale! The author made me wait five months but was is it worth it! This is the last book of a series which was from the very beginning, gripping. It is highly advisable to read the first and second book, Mister Black and Scarlett Red as this one is not a standalone.

Up until now, Talia and Sebastian have been absolute experts in giving each other the slip one way or another. He had made it clear from the start of their relationship if you can even call it that, that he couldn’t offer her more. She doesn’t want to get hurt and her disappearing act on him was not only going to protect her heart from the only man she has ever loved, but also frustrate the hell out of him. Hence, their story of passion is put on hold indefinitely. However, all is not what is seems!

Quote: “I don’t want to be your obligation.” His jaw tightens. “I want to be your f**king obsession.”

Talia’s new novel is being promoted in style by her editor. Based on true facts, it is causing an uproar in the media world. As they have received some disturbing news before her tour starts, they decide to play it safe by contracting one of the most reputable security businesses around. If you’ve read the first two books, maths doesn’t even come into the equation. Therefore I don’t need tell you who they hired. And this folks, is where I was absorbed into a plot which thickens by the minute. Once again, Sebastian’s body guard talents are going to be put to the test. Keeping track of her isn’t going to be an easy task; in fact, not even his protective skills will be enough to control her stubbornness.

Quote: “If she wants to battle, she needs to know I go for the kill every time.”

Talia’s ex-boyfriend is still sniffing around and Jared, the editor’s son, is doing his utmost to woo her much to Sebastian’s disgust. Well, you can’t have all your cake and eat it too, now can you? And seeing as Talia isn’t going to say yea or nay to any of them, adds an interesting twist to a story flourishing in uncertainties. Nevertheless, the chemistry between the two protagonists is still simmering. Bloody Nora… that’s putting it lightly. This couple are frigging dynamite regardless of the non-fraternisation clause Jared conveniently slips into the contract. Sebastian’s definition of this policy will have you laughing out loud!

Quote: “I saw that prick put his hand on you knee. No one touches you but me.”

Drama abounds. Who is sending threatening letters, trying to stop her book being published? I was taken aback when all is revealed. And there’s no doubt about it; Talia is in grave danger. Text messages fly backwards are forwards and as the heat is turned up, so does Sebastian’s annoyance.

Quote: “PainInMyAss: Where are you? I’M NOT F**KING AROUND!”

Love it, love it, love it! Much to Sebastian’s consternation, Talia’s contact name for him is not at all becoming. And that is exactly how she wants it. Firstly, he has to convince himself that she’s the only woman for him. Then he has to breakdown all her defences which will be a battle of wits. Throw in some hot sex for good measure and the result is explosive. The author has as always, made sure that the reader enjoys an outstanding banter. Her secondary characters are brilliantly developed, the storyline solid. I loved how Talia’s loyalty towards Mina, Sebastian’s sister, is so unwavering, how she confronts his bitchy mother and stands up to his father. There’ll be a surprise or two all around.

One of my favourite quotes in the form of a text message: “Me: What happened to that infamous control Mr. Black?” “RainbowMaster: I met you Miss Red.”

We have a happy ending like I had never ever envisaged. Eek, it bought such a huge smile to my face, and I am truly going to miss these two guys. Ms. Michelle, you have totally spoilt me by bringing out so many emotions. BRAVO!


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