shards of glass


Shards of Glass (The Glass Trilogy #1)


Arianne Richmonde


Contemporary Romance/Erotica

Release Date:

 17th February 2015

:::: SYNOPSIS ::::

Ingénue actress Janie Cole is in love with her director, Daniel Glass. He’s controlling, he’s demanding, and he’s a perfectionist, and Janie wants nothing more than to be his shining star. Tall, dark, and devastating, and with eyes so blue they sear, she cannot get him out of her mind, or her dreams.

Just one problem though: Daniel’s married.

But when his wife dies in a freak accident, and Daniel casts Janie in his erotic romance movie, Janie’s fantasies become a reality, and it terrifies her. Her mind, her soul, and especially her body . . . Daniel could take it all, no matter how hard she tries to hold her own.

Obsession can be dangerous . . .

Glass can cut . . .

Shards of Glass even deeper . . .

:::: KFF’s REVIEW ::::

FOUR STARS: Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall

This is the first novella in a trilogy which revolves around the film industry. This theme is by no means new to this author as she has had first-hand experience in being an actress. If you have read The Pearl or The Star Trilogy, you’ll be delighted to see how she has deftly triggered our memory with erstwhile characters. I learnt to love them and now they’ve reappeared in all their glory only to enchant me once again. Pearl Chavalier is one of the directors in a film with more than one setback. Even though she is put to the test, her savvy in this field, her convincing ways and patience with Samuel Myers, pays off. This horrendously powerful man whom I found totally disagreeable, is an important factor in the making of a film with a tight budget. In fact, I found him downright obnoxious at the beginning of the book; however, I did liken up to him towards the end. And actress, Star, is going to do her utmost to guide her friend, Janie, who has only performed on stage. Saying all this, Shards of Glass is completely independent to the other series.

Quote: “All actors are a brand whether they’re aware of it or not.”

How does one cope with obsession? Janie Cole is barely managing to. Her director in a successful play is driving her inner thoughts berserk. Trying to control her feeling towards him is something she has to overcome when she discovers that she’s barking up the wrong tree. Her attitude has to change if she’s going to move on with her career.

Quote: “Meet the right man at the wrong time and you’re screwed.”

A year later, Star’s cajoling ways help Janie make a life changing decision which will economically alleviate her debts. It all sounds very tempting but all is not what it seems. Here we have one hell of a stage actress with no self-confidence, no experience in movies, and she’s extremely concerned about baring all and more besides! This part of the book had me on tenterhooks! Will she? Won’t she? Her leading man in the film, Cal, is an absolute sweetheart and I could not help but fall in love with him. What a gentleman and a half! We all know when two actors have that feeling, but is it going work for Janie? Cal most certainly thinks so in more ways than one! Her director, Simon, does too!

Quote: “Damn Daniel Glass. Why couldn’t I rid him from my thoughts? He invaded every part of me, even when I was working.”

Well I never! My reaction to what comes later left me with my mouth wide open. The storyline takes a one-hundred and eighty degree turn. The plot is so well thought out on the author’s part; so brilliantly described. As I can’t possibly ‘let on’, I shall keep my mouth shut!

Daniel Glass is desirable! Oh my; what a CV this man has under his arm, too. He’s not to be taken lightly. He’s demanding, cannot tolerate fools and won’t be influenced regardless. He has a history which Jani has yet to savour. And I can’t wait to find out all the ins and outs of this unquestionably gorgeous drop-dead director with all his hang ups! And why did this brilliant stage director change his mind at the last minute? Could it have something to do with Janie, or does he want to dabble in the world of movies?

What caught my attention in this read were the sexy scenes. They don’t exist, but they do! As always, Ms. Richmonde is a masterful titillator. To put this read in a nutshell is without a doubt, easy. This read is awesomely well written, well plotted, with rich vocabulary and impeccable characters. Notwithstanding the merits of this book, there were times when I had a strong case of deja vous regarding The Star Series. This feeling hasn’t changed my opinion though. I still can’t wait for the next instalment. Playing the patience game doesn’t please me very much either, but what the heck, I’ll have to! Ms. Richmonde, what can I say? Bravo seems to be more than a fitting word for me!

Quote: “Tortured souls have always fascinated me.”

:::: EXCERPT ONE ::::

My eyes strayed back to Daniel, who had just gotten out of the pool. His body was cut like the fine piece of Glass it was. His legs, strong and muscular, his ass tight and oh, just so right. It made me sick to think he was screwing around. Yet not with me! Daniel, a promiscuous player? It just didn’t suit his personality. But Star was right. I couldn’t risk it. Just one chastising look from him could send me into a post-mortem for days. Even weeks. If I had sex with him and then he ignored me afterward, it would destroy me. I had to stay strong, no matter how tempting he was.

I eyed him up as he grabbed a towel, water dripping off him like shining crystals. Fuck, he was handsome. Beautiful. Men just weren’t made like him anymore. No, they looked too “done” these days, too pampered, like they’d made a ton of effort looking into a mirror and preening themselves—shoving products in their hair. Even shaving their chests and balls. So unmanly! So self-obsessed. Not Daniel—he was naturally good looking without having to try—pure one hundred percent tough, alpha male, every last inch of him, especially where it counted most. I wanted to explore him, immerse myself in him, but I knew how dangerous he was. At least, for me.

:::: EXCERPT TWO ::::

Daniel quickly moved away and walked to the opposite side of the table where he sat beside Pearl. He narrowed his laser-blue eyes, studying me as if I were an object of art. Sizing me up. A commodity. A tool for his next success.

I assumed he was going to be the director for this movie and that’s what he was doing here. Hell, I still didn’t even know what the film was called—not even the working title—nor anything about it. This whole situation was insane. Unorthodox. They would have called my agent if this were for real.

“Well,” said Pearl, cutting through the terse atmosphere in her Ivy-league educated voice, “you all know why we are gathered here today.”

Gathered here. Made it sound like a funeral. And it was. My funeral. Where I would get buried beneath the complex, powerful character that was Daniel Glass. Where he would mould, and dominate and break me. Make me a whimpering wreck who dreamed about him twenty-four-seven. I could feel my core moisten; just thinking about what he could do to me. How hard he could fuck me. How he could make me come a thousand ways if he chose to do so. But he didn’t see me that way.

No, I was a vessel for his art, not for his lust or love. If he’d had any interest in me he’d had nearly a whole year to get in touch. Invite me for a coffee. A walk in the park. Nothing. And here he was, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Obviously he needed me.

But not in the way that I’d fantasized about.

“Janie, I want you on board for this film,” Daniel said in a sharp, unapologetic voice. God I loved that voice. Deep, rumbling. That voice had given me so much pleasure. And pain.

“Why didn’t you just call, Daniel?” I threw out, challenging him with an equally sharp look, eye to eye.

“Because the casting is not my final decision, and I didn’t want to get your hopes up.”

“And what makes you all think I want this job so desperately?” I heard myself say. It was as if another character lived inside me. A confident, brash, superstar who didn’t give a damn. “After all,” I continued, “I haven’t even been sent a script. How do I know what the writing is like? You haven’t even mentioned what part you want me to play, nor anything about the storyline.”

“We only confirmed Daniel as the director two days ago,” Pearl explained. “And it’s true, the whole thing has been very spontaneous and last-minute. Samuel wanted to meet you, Janie. Me, too. Daniel has already made it clear you’re his first choice for the role.”

“Mr. Myers might change his mind when he sees a screen test. Maybe I’m unphotogenic, perhaps I don’t have a rapport with the camera the way I do with the audience on stage. I think all this is very precipitous.” Precipitous? Who was this haughty alter ego that was taking me over? I guessed I was doing everything I could to sabotage my chances of being offered the part, whatever the part was. That way, I couldn’t be hurt. Star had instructed me to be nonchalant, but this? My attitude was downright negative, even rude. And definitely ungrateful.

Daniel said in an even voice, “We still don’t have a script, Janie. That’s why we haven’t sent you one. This is going to be very ad-lib. Lots of improvisation. You know, I wanted to go in the direction of someone like the British director, Mike Leigh. That’s why I need a strong theatrically trained cast. I’m not going to be doing hundreds of takes a scene. Not my style. You know, I need actors who can sustain one, long, fifteen-minute take—who know how to choreograph their way around a scene, without fucking up, without fluffing their lines.”

Samuel glared at Daniel. The F word was obviously not welcome, despite his own uncouth manners.

I turned to the overweight producer. Beads of sweat were gathering on his brow. I said, “Excuse me, Mr. Meyers, but isn’t this kind of film a little too experimental for the likes of you, whose repertoire is a chain of blockbusters and all-star rom-coms?”

He chortled with a loud snort, his belly jiggling like greasy chef in a bad restaurant. “Smart girl. She’s onto us, Pearl. Haven’t you heard of such a thing as ‘tax deduction,’ Janie?”

Pearl broke in, “Sam, really! Janie, this is absolutely not why we want to do this film—please don’t be offended. This is going to be an art movie; we need to lend our bigger projects, and Hooked Up Enterprises, more credibility, creatively speaking. I was stunned by your performance, Janie, and I was the one to contact Daniel in the first place. Daniel agreed. An actor of your caliber would do us proud. You could carry this film.”

I took in a deep breath. I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or flattered. I was about to be Hooked Up Enterprise’s tax loss experiment. Samuel Myers told it like it was, and I admired his honesty. Especially in the notoriously bullshitty world that was Hollywood. At least I knew where I stood.

“She’s not sexy enough,” Samuel suddenly announced, as if I weren’t in the room. Sorry, honey, you know it, I know it. This is a hot-blooded love story we’re talking about. A la francais. Close ups in private places. Think Last Tango in Paris. Think Sharon Stone crossing and uncrossing her legs.”

My alter ego took over again. I could feel my cheeks burning, my veins surging with bubbling blood. How dare he tell me that I wasn’t sexy! How dare this pig of a man judge me like a book cover.

I got up from my seat and walked over to Daniel. Startled, Daniel looked up at me as I straddled him, my Halston dress rising high as my smooth bare legs gripped either side of his muscular thighs. I sat on his lap facing him and, leaning in close, started to slowly lay my lips on his.

Shocked into stillness, he did nothing. Just closed his eyes in resignation, his nearly black hair flipping over his brow. I could smell him. Clean. Rough. Uncompromising. A bullet of sexuality and intensity straight to my fluttering heart. And elsewhere. In that instant, he was all mine. My tongue darted out and I flicked it on his mouth, trailing it seductively along his full lips. They parted, and I heard him take in a sharp breath. I kissed him. Hard. To my amazement I felt his erection strain against his slacks. I continued the kiss, licking, sucking gently, nipping. I groaned quietly—almost imperceptibly—into his mouth, which tasted of oranges and mint. Then, as abruptly as I’d accosted him, I got up.

“There,” I said. “Consider that my audition.” I turned to Pearl and smiled. “Nice meeting you,” and I made a B-line for the door.

:::: TEASERS ::::

shards of glass 1n

shards of glass 2n


ARIANNE RICHMONDE IS THE USA TODAY best-selling author of Stolen Grace, and the Pearl Series books: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl – all full length novels. The first three books in the series are also available in one trilogy bundle/box set as The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- a provocative short story, which is currently being extended as a trilogy, The Glass Trilogy. Book 1 Shards of Glass, is available for preorder.

She lives with her husband and coterie of animals in France. She loves to travel and meet people and is thrilled that her books have touched readers from all parts of the globe.

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