A TENDER TOUCH (A Donnelley Brother’s Novel #4) by ALANNAH CARBONNEAU


Title: A Tender Touch

Author: Alannah Carbonneau

Age group: Mature Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: 6th January 2015




“It’s not about trusting another…it’s about trusting yourself enough.”

Ember Brighton has spent her entire life walking on eggshells around men. After her father’s betrayal when she was twelve years old, she was left to pick up the pieces of her mother that the man had left behind. Although she’s faced her every day since his abandonment with her chin held high, inside, Ember is a ruin.

For the past ten years, Ember has bottled her pain inside so tight, she’s never found the strength to face it head on, so that she can lay it to rest. It’s not until the day that she arrives at The Donnelley Ranch to visit her best friend, Kamilla, that Ember finds herself working alongside the only man in the world strong enough to release the pain inside of her, so that he can help her fight it.

Luke Donnelley is anything but intimidated by Ember’s pain and cold shoulder. Instead, he is determined to break down her guard, so that he can prove to her she is worthy of love and affection. Luke’s armor against Ember’s frosty front is hot, and before she knows it her defenses are melting against the one man who has the power to destroy her.

Will Ember listen to her heart and fall into the romance of Luke Donnelley’s charms, or will she keep running, praying to find somewhere safe and without the risk love presents?

A Tender Touch is book four in The Donnelley Brother Series. This story belongs to Ember Brighton and Luke Donnelley, as it focuses on their journey of both finding and capturing love. Throughout this novel, you’ll enjoy more interactions with the characters of the previous three novels, and of course, Gracie Donnelley.





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Are we gluttons for punishment ‘cos we have no idea how all of you feel about this series? Have you read these books? Even though Rachel hasn’t read the whole series, I literally lapped them up and if you haven’t, why not? A ‘ book drug’ would be an understated word for one of the best epic stories which starts off strongly and finishes with a BANG! This is without a doubt, our kind of read. The author titillates the reader to extremes! However, do we really have to say goodbye to the Donnelley’s Wild Land Tours? Erm… yes, we do! Four books, four stories, four handsome men and their kick-ass women who will never let them get away with anything, is over! And we are the first ones to have withdrawal symptoms. A big yes here! So what did you think Rachel as I know this is the first book you’ve read in this series?

Well Sharon, I feel short changed as I’ve only read this book which I might add, I thoroughly enjoyed, but I feel somewhat cheated as I feel I’ve missed out on other Donnelly brothers and if they are anything like Luke, then where do I sign up for more alpha male sweet and sexy hotness as that is what you get with Luke!

They’re all drop-dead gorgeous Rachel. So my advice to you is start reading the other books, like now! Luke is the last on his mother’s ‘get my sons married list.’ But is he really? Wait and see because this mother hen isn’t as in control of her youngest son as she thought she was. Destiny plays a huge part in his story. Would that beautiful girl come back? Well, she does. With her hang ups, trust issues, and why? Nonetheless than her father. What a b*****d. She heard, she believed and she’s living her private hell. Her trust in men is zero with a big zero on the left-hand side!

I’m so pleased you mentioned Luke’s mother, Gracie, Sharon. I adored her! She was such a warm hearted, insightful lady. Without the relationship she built with Ember before she took a leap of faith to try and make a fresh start then I don’t think Ember would have made the decision she did. When Ember felt nervous and unsure about her relationship with Luke she was there to reassure her and helped Ember when her mother couldn’t.

Let’s get back to Luke. Horrendously attractive, a sense of humour which will ball you over, truly won our hearts. How any man has the patience he has, is undoubtedly a virtue. We’d have ran out of it in the middle of the brilliant story; kudos for him because he waited. Not only that, he believed in Ember. What happens when one doesn’t want to confess to their most intimate feelings? This was the crux of the problem throughout the story.

‘’I don’t know what that something is, but I’ll be damned if I let you face it alone. So until you can stop running and let me catch you, I’ll be right here beside you, running until you stop. And when you’re too tired to run another step, I’ll be there to hold you up. When you’re too exhausted to keep fighting, I’ll fight for you.’’

Ember is totally dependent on her mother. She’s a fiery red-head with a difference. This sky-blue-eyed young woman is loyal to a tee and can’t let go of the past. How the author takes the reader through such a dramatic period in the life of this sensitive person’s hardship is more than commendable and uncomfortable, too. Her sensitivity regarding the abandonment of one’s children was well-described throughout this story. Ember’s sufferance brought tears to our eyes through many passages in this story.

Kami hitched up with Kyke, and she’s got a lot to be thankful for. If it wasn’t for her bestie, Ember, her life would have taken a turn for the worse. Now it’s her turn to return the favour to Ember with sound advice. Will she take it?

‘’You’re going to keep being afraid until you leap.’’ She smiled softly. ‘’But once you’re in the air, falling, you’ll finally find that you can fly.’’

I loved Kami, Sharon. She was totally no nonsense in terms of kicking Ember up the back side when she needed it. She completely understood Embers reluctance in starting a relationship with Luke, but so wanted her friend to find love. And I think she knew Luke was the guy for her bestie! In fact, I loved all the secondary characters in this book including all the other girlfriends and wives of the Donnelly brothers.

Two souls, two entities are meant for each other. Ms. Carbonneau has brought them together in such a way that their story enchanted us. Her description of their surroundings easily drew us in to a marvellous scenery of seasons which totally took our breath away. The banter between all the protagonists is outstanding. Humour and romance was what I really needed for a brilliant ending. You gave it all. Sex? You made Rachel and I wait, but boy oh boy, was it worth it. Thank you Ms Carbonneau! Bravo!

Our favourite quote in a book we just hate to say goodbye to: “If you said you were interested in f*****g me, I’d say great. We’d have fun and I’d definitely wet your, uh, prune.”

Reviewers Note: Although this book can be read as a standalone we feel it’s best to read them in order to fully enjoy the Donnelly brothers’ stories.



I live in Alberta, Canada, where the weather is forever changing (without warning). I am engaged to be married in August 2015 to my high school sweetheart and love of my life. There are no children in my life as of right now, but we do have a handful of rambunctious cats (four) and a testy, rescued Shepard/Husky, who take up a lot of my time.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve adored the written word. English was always my favorite class and that may be biased because I can’t count to save my life, so math was a horror! I remember the very first novel I ever read, Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler. It was the most interesting of the covers on my mom’s bookshelf (probably because it was pink) and I was way too young to be reading that novel. But I fell in love. From there, I read almost everything from V.C. Andrews.

My writing started out as poetry, which then evolved to songs, and later into novels. I was never one for the short stories as I found it too difficult to pack everything I imagined into something so small. I now have multiple novels published independently. I write both novels for young adults and novels for adults – all romance.

Despite my favorite younger reading material, I now adore writing and reading all things romance.



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