AUTUMN IN LONDON (Part 2 of the Empire State Trilogy) by LOUISE BAY


Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

This is the second instalment in the trilogy novellas telling the story of Anna Kirby and Ethan Scott. It began with A Week in New York where Anna was on vacation and she meets Ethan it was supposed to be one night of uncomplicated fun that resulted in them spending the week together.

Like all good things the vacation comes to an end and Anna goes home to England. It appears that both Ethan and Anna are more affected by each other than planned and they both in turn have each other on their minds.

Ethan takes a flight to England for head up a takeover of a law firm and plans to visit his sister and family while he is there. All the while on the plane he is thinking about Anna and whether there is any chance of bumping into her in London, big city but hey we are living in hope here.

Anna has delved into her work since being home from New York and worries about her future as there is talk of the law firm being in financial difficulties an possible job losses. Anna still is wondering about Ethan and whether she will see him again. There is a pattern emerging here and it has to be inevitable that they will bump into each other. Coincidence or planned its intriguing to find out.

I have to give away the fact that they do meet otherwise I can not let you into the important part of the story. The passion, the chemistry and the hot sex that Anna and Ethan have sizzles right off the page. I love the banter and the intensity of these two characters and the building feelings.

I hated the ending and not because Louise did anything wrong but leave me hanging again. I wanted to know more about what they had been planning to do New York or England. Yet again Louise spun another good story and I’m not sure it is ever possible to not tell a good hot tale. I’m a huge fan of Louise’s work and not just the creation of hot alpha males but good strong heroines and the plots created. I look forward to the next instalment with answers to my questions. Well deserved five stars for a fantastic book.

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