THE REDEEMER (Rouge Passion Book Two) by J. D. CHASE

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Kindle Friends Forever. Sharon Thérèse Nuttall and Rachel McEwan’s review. 

Well Sharon, the release of this book couldn’t come soon enough after the author left us hanging in the first book, The Player. Isla had discovered Xander’s secret and she was going all out for revenge! I loved Isla’s feistiness in book 1 so I knew she wouldn’t let us down, watch out Zander, she’s one pissed off lady!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this book since I finished reading it, too Rachel. In fact, I can honestly say that the author’s masterful writing and her solid storyline has made me lose sleep over it, too. Why you may ask. Well, apart from Ms Chase’s originality and style, I just loved the two protagonists. And there is no doubt whatsoever that she is an expert in making one suffer right up until the last moment. Read on and you will see why. This follow-up to The Player cannot be read as a standalone. I did compare the previous book to the English comedy series, Fawlty Towers. However, The Redeemer is so much more serious. And what’s your opinion Rachel?

I loved this book probably more than the first. The best part of this book is the author’s brutishness which just oozes from the page. It’s so refreshing to see a British writer using a British setting and language, I loved it! The banter was hilarious too which just shows how talented this author is to integrate it into the story as really the story is about Isla seeking revenge for Zander betraying her trust so hats off to the author.

Not only were there times when I was totally horrified with Isla’s actions, but the comical situations and banter also had me laughing out loud. To say there were moments when I was panic stricken would most definitely be an understatement!

As you have just said Rachel, Isla is more than pissed off with Xander. This dirty, but really dirty mouthed, drop-dead gorgeous man’s timing is totally up the creek. He thought he was in control, but by not coming clean will in fact, affect their relationship. Yes, he was well aware what Isla thinks about cheating! So once she discovers what he’s been holding back, she thinks the worst. This fiery redhead and headstrong woman jumps to conclusions. She’s got the will of iron and refuses point blank to listen to reason. And Xander? His traits blossom in the most peculiar way when he finds out he’s persona non grata. In his own hotel, too! Even though Isla is the only woman to touch his medulla, to rock his world, he absolutely refuses to let her get away with daylight robbery. Who is the legal owner of the hotel Passion Rouge and the beloved car sitting pretty in the hotel grounds beckoning one of them to take a spin? Who spins a tale or two is Isla, and wow, she’s going to do it with style! She fools all the staff into thinking she is the victim and more besides. How Xander is going to put this all right is the backbone of the story. She’s going to put him through hell and high water. Tsunami level I might add. Hurdles will be thrown in their way, and while all this conflict is going on, secrets are revealed.

Isla isn’t an angel either! Why? Maybe the barman, Dean, Rachel? I absolutely fell in love with him in the last book because he is so normal! His reactions are quite understandable for a guy so besotted. Nevertheless, he’s got a lot to learn about females’ cravings. Does he take advantage of a weak moment? Does he put his foot in it in a heated moment? You will only find out by reading this abso-frinkin’-lutley marvellous book. I could go on and on. The Barbie gals are always game for a bit of gossip. The porter needs sacking, and Isla needs Xander! He needs her!

Ohh Sharon, that part of the book really got me worried, I almost stopped reading because I dare not read what would happen next! Throughout the book, Isla is so torn between wanting Zander and doing the right thing and staying away from a married man. She undoubtedly loves him but will her scruples win or will she look for grey in a not no black and white situation? 

 The sex Sharon! I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned the sex! Well this review cannot be finished without it! Wow, I’m surprised my Kindle didn’t spontaneously combust as the sex were hot with a capital H! Ms Chase, you really do know how you write the steamiest and dare I say dirtiest sex scenes but then you are writing about Zander Rhodes, and he is one filthy alpha male! 

 QUOTE: “There’s no way I’m letting you turn me down twice in one day. All work and no orgasms is not good for your mental health, Red. Listen to your pussy. It wants my cock. It wants to make your back arch as it clenches around it, trying to milk my balls dry. Ooh, just the thought is making my cock twitch.”

Figuratively speaking; if I’d felt like strangling my Kindle at the end of The Player Rachel, this read made me think about stabbing the author with my best kitchen knife! To draw out so many emotions in me is a feat in itself. Saying that, a few questions are left unanswered. Will the author clarify my doubts about how both parties cope with the bare truth? I sincerely hope so. My rating of this book is without a doubt, five stars. One word to sum up; BRAVO!

I definitely have to agree with you Sharon. Bravo is the word I would use! This book made me laugh out loud, cringe, squirm and gasp. And I do love a book that makes me feel so much. Also, I think that JD owes us a couple of new knickers. Mmmm…the unanswered question. I really hope that it is addressed in any future books the author has planned. I would be very interested to see how that plays out.

QUOTE: “And then you walked into my life and awakened something inside me. Sure, at the time, I thought it was purely a sexual awakening but I later realised that it was more than that. It was hope, and I clung to it like a drowning man clings to a life raft in a raging storm.  You were the lifeboat and to tell you everything would have meant risking letting me go of my life raft without knowing whether the lifeboat would hang around to save me. And trust me, Red, by then I was tired and water was lapping above my mouth. I couldn’t risk it.”


This is the second and final instalment of J.D. Chase’s Amazon #1 bestselling erotica and romantic erotica series, Rouge Passion.  It follows on from the end of The Player …

Xander’s secret sends Isla reeling. Frustrated with her own stupidity, and in full denial of the pain she’s feeling, she resolves to teach him a lesson. As the legal owner of Rouge Passion, she’s in the perfect position to do just that. And boy, she could give lessons on how to deal with cheats. She goes all out to protect her position, including enlisting the services of two former Marines.

Although fiercely independent, she has to rely on the staff to help her – something that proves difficult, especially after a drunken liaison.

Can Xander outmanoeuvre her or, with the odds stacked against him, should he walk away?

Is everything always black and white? Or do grey areas exist?

Xander is forced to regret holding his cards so close to his chest but, when all is revealed, will he be left holding the winning hand?

Hold your horses! We’ve got some hot TEASERS!





Amazon bestselling author, J.D. Chase is a hopeless, incurable romantic. When she’s not reading it, she’s writing it. Although these days, she spends much more time writing than she does reading. She hates getting to the end of a good book and will regularly put it down, limiting herself to reading one page at a time as it nears the end. She will mourn a good book for days.

She hyperventilates whenever she releases a new book … never wanting to let her faithful readers down. She danced in delight when The Player held the #1 spot of both the erotica chart and the romantic erotica chart simultaneously for a week. She loves her readers and is eternally grateful for their support and frankness.

JD loves to meet readers and fellow authors so she enjoys attending signing events and will be signing at several UK events in 2015 (Peterborough, London and Aberdeen) as well as Dublin and possibly further afield.   If you’re going along, go and say hi … she’ll love to see you.

 J.D.C’s Social Media links:


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Twitter: @jdchaseauthor


Drop her a line – she’ll love you for it.


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