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Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

So here it is! The final book in the 103 series. This book takes a slightly different turn than the previous books but is an amazing read.

This is Romeo’s story. Although we do get to find out about everyone else too and see how their lives are going! Romeo hasn’t had an easy ride in life. He’s broken down; living with lies and secrets which he deals with by living the rock star life to the fullest. Excessive drinking and women! He’s hot and sexy so getting women is never a problem. Zoe is one of the women he sleeps with. She’s clearly in love with him but won’t tell him her feelings which she keeps all to herself. There’s a reason she won’t let her feelings out though. Romeo has secrets he can’t reveal either because he fears it will destroy everything around him. He loves Zoe but can’t be with her. She has watched him slowly destroy himself over the years and decides enough is enough!!! She’s leaving to try and have a normal life by herself and move on. Of course, saying you’re leaving is far easier than actually doing it. Then there’s Nick. He has a foot in both of their lives. How? Read the book to find out! Trouble seems to follow Romeo wherever he goes, but he knows he must stand up and accept who he is and fight for what’s his.

There’s lots of twists and turns, open mouthed moments and truly amazing emotional ones as we go on this final journey with Romeo and the gang. Add in some seriously hot sex, romance at its best, heartache and despair…. all these ingredients are in this book written by D H Sidebottom make it thrilling and magnificent read start to finish!

This is heart stopping end to a fantastic series and the bonus scene at the end will just blow you away. Did she save the best till last? I think so…it’s sad to see the series come to an end but she gave it a fantastic rocking ending!!!


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It’s time to say Goodbye.

Take a final road trip with the 103 boy’s.
Let’s leave with a tear, a smile and good memories.

Romeo has struggled with his secret for years. He has managed to keep it from not only his family and friends but the girl he has loved for years. But one night changes that. One single night threatens to destroy him, rip his life apart and alienate everyone that he holds dear. But not in the way he thinks.

Zoe has been in love with the room 103 guitarist for over three years. She has struggled to keep hold of anything in her life but when a friend makes her an offer, she can’t refuse, seeing it as an opportunity to finally take control of her life. But one night changes all that. One single night threatens to destroy everything she has known and held in her heart. But not in the way she thinks.

Nick has a secret of his own. A secret that could tear apart everyone around him. But when one night gives him what he has being craving for so long, another night reveals another need to his desires. However, the choices he has to make will make no difference once his own secret is exposed. He thinks he knows the answers, but he will soon find out that he underestimated the forces that control him.

‘To Freedom, Friends and Finally… Room 103.’

         AMAZON U.K                   AMAZON U.S

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