HEAT (Parker Reed Series #1) by J. M. Walker


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

heatThis is the first book I have read by this author and my first impression regarding this story was a little conflictive to say the least. I carried on reading. Fortunately, the plot is a solid one. I give a lot of importance to this as too many steamy scenes, and believe me when I say they abound; tend to bore me. Is this the case? Read on! Her characters’ personalities are strong, the setting is perfect, and even though I found the storyline a little repetitive at times, I liked it.

Keely. Despite annoying the hell out of me, her submissive tendencies were quite comprehensible. You’ll find out why she is like she is by reading on. An abusive relationship which started when she was in her teens has marked her for life. She breaks away from this and decides it’s about time to make a living. Look for a job. She can’t keep living under the wing of her bestie, Apart from being gay, Troy has been her salvation. Not only has he looked out for his dearest friend, his concern, his sense of humour, and his spontaneous quirky remarks, had me laughing out loud. A true friend. The banter between the two is well described and if anyone in this book made me say “chapeau”, it was definitely him.

The first electrical spark between the two protagonists is to be the backbone in this novel. Keely felt it as soon as she timidly walked into an interview for the job as personal assistant to Parker Reed. His savvy at such a young age had made him one of the most important entrepreneurs in the cut- throat business of wheeling and dealing. He is demanding. She realises this without a blink of an eye and complies; hardly any questions are asked. Blinking heck—this man is so Alpha that the pages lit up! Drop dead gorgeous, tattoos, piercings and rippling muscles are in all the right places, and will certainly have you grabbing for your fan. And if you haven’t got one…! He doesn’t have to convince Keely to his modus vivendi either. He wants her; she is inquisitive. She wants to please this man who has bombarded her feelings. Problem number one is her ex. Problem number two is she’s not forthcoming with a secret that could ruin a beautiful relationship. Say no more!

Let’s get back to Parker! He is a man who has had a past. His present is in danger and the last person that one would think could help him is Keely. She is a dab hand in hacking, and Parker’s minions trust her. Why? Because his word is law, his intuition and feelings for this beautifully damaged girl, stronger. The BDSM scenes were written with utmost detail, but spoilt by Parker’s endearments towards Keely which I found irritating. His protectiveness towards her comes over to the reader so very loud and clear that it made me wonder why there was so much fuss at the beginning of the story. I loved how Parker constantly warns her about his likes and dislikes, and the ending; phew! Never in a million years, was I ready for it!

A message to the author. There is no doubt whatsoever that you know how to dangle the carrot. If I have knocked off a star and a half, it’s because your brill plot didn’t need so much hot, steamy sex. It could have been so much more regardless!






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