Reviewed By Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

NO REGRETS COVERThis is the long awaited second book of The Firebird series and I for one, was very pleased to receive a copy to review one of my favourite author’s work. The story follows on from book one with Rebecca nursing a broken heart. Rebecca is an Australian who works for Maxwell Grant. She was working in France where she had a love affair with Frenchman Alain which ended abruptly. Now Rebecca is working in Germany, and seems to be on a self-destruct mission going from bar to bar drinking herself into oblivion. It is in one of these bars where she befriends barman, Kurt. Studying to become a doctor, there is a connection between them but not a romantic one.

Maxwell is an astute businessman. Even though he wants Rebecca, he has his own set of complications which does not bode well with her. However, she has an attraction towards him. Max summons her to New York for a charity event. She stays at his house where he makes it clear how much he wants to be with her. But Rebecca is in a dilemma! Why she is reluctant is something that I cannot reveal in the review since it would give away what we have learned about Max in Lost In France. Rebecca does what she does best and runs straight backs to Germany. She also hands in her notice as she cannot work for Max with this constant attraction and his baggage. She feels it is an impossible situation and the only way to resist the temptation is to get as far away as possible.

Alain is still in France, still wants to Rebecca, but something of utmost importance has been brought to his attention by his father. If he had known this before, a heart-breaking split-up could have been avoided. So with this in mind, he decides to go to Germany to claim the only woman he has ever really loved. Rebecca is the object of two men wanting her at the same time and makes life very difficult. Max stays away from her so he can resolve his personal issues, and in the meantime, Rebecca is happy to find out that her baby sister, Lily, is coming to Germany to celebrate Rebecca’s impending 30th birthday.

We are introduced to some new characters I’d eventually like to see side stories of. Lily, Rebecca’s baby sister, and her other younger sister, the flighty Chloe who certainly intrigued me. Not forgetting the handsome German Dr Kurt.

There a lot of twists and turns in this brilliant book which obviously I’m not going to spoil for you. It involves love lost, love found, and a tragically violent event that shapes the story. Rebecca’s world is spinning out of control, only making me more than impatient to read the next instalment. I have no idea what will happen, or if this incredible story will end how I would like it to. I do know as a reviewer, I have to be impartial; as a reader I confess that my loyalty lies with Max. Very well done Jani! You have offered your readers a really enjoyable read.




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