Reviewed by Donna Elsegood on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

When I was asked to read this book, I must admit I had not heard of this author. So I did my normal trawl of Amazon and social media and found this erotic romance writer was in fact male. Not that I have anything against the male species; I’m married to one! It’s just not too many men write this particular genre. I began to read with an open mind; after all, that is what reviewing is all about.

The story begins with Elena White who is not happy with the way her life is coasting along. Elena works in a bank and finds it very mundane and boring. Especially working for the first class mega bitch Dawn, the manager of the bank. Elena is told by her tyrant boss to take her break at eleven, or not at all as if she was being spoken to like a child.

Elena goes off to lunch in a nearby coffee shop and after making herself comfortable, she hears a female voice calling her name. It’s Jasmine Saunders whom she went to school with and has not seen her in years. Jasmine is a beautiful woman dressed immaculately and at first, Elena didn’t recognise her. Jasmine tells Elena she is self-employed as a personal assistant. Jasmine asks Elena what she does and Elena reluctantly tells her where she works. They swap numbers and agree to meet up on Thursday when they are both free to have a few drinks and a catch up.

They both talk about what they have been up to and its clear Jasmine has it all. Looks, money and a life she is happy with, but does she? She talks Elena into changing her lifestyle and gives her the information to change it. Elena does so slightly reluctantly. Guided by Jasmine causes a turn of events I’m not going to reveal. You will have to read to find out.

Here enters Conrad Bailey into the scenario. He becomes entangled with Elena through the events I have mentioned. Conrad is a successful rich business man who of course is hot, sexy and delicious. Elena, well she’s entranced by him! On the surface Conrad seem to be Mr Perfect, but underneath he is guarding the hurt and pain he has suffered. Again, I’m not telling!

Together Elena and Conrad embark on an off love affair. The two of them have an extremely hot chemistry with sexy scenes that leave you fanning yourself. This brings me back to the turn of events that the road to true love is not going to run smoothly. These two people have issues secondary to their romantic interlude which could threaten to destroy before it even begins. I was on the edge of my seat willing this to turn out the way I wanted and the bad characters to get what they deserve.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by Mr Carver’s offering and I was pleased I gave it a chance. I’ve deducted half a star as I felt that odd bits were a little rushed although nothing major. Not only would I like to know more about Elena and Conrad’s life, but I’m also keen to hear Jasmine Saunders’ story. How her life went down the route she took, how it links up and continues after Whiter Than White. I look forward to future books and be assured Mr. Carver, I have been totally won over by your style of erotic writing. Well done— kudos to you!