3.75 STARS

Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever.

Running Away To Home is Rosemary Willhide’s début novel and the first book in a trilogy. And she did herself proud!

Nia Kelly. A twenty-four year old fitness instructor who teaches spin classes at an exclusive sports club in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas,
has a bundle of secrets. Secrets that she is afraid to tell, a past she’d rather forget. With the help of her best friend, Julia, she’s remained safe and secure from what she had left behind.

Enter handsome Derek Pierce. Actor, heart-throb to many screaming women and vampire in a prime time TV series. An all-round nice guy. Derek has moved to Vegas to chill out between movies and breaks in between filming his show. One day he strolls into the club to have a closed class with Nia which literally puts her into a spin (no pun intended)! As they get to know each other, the attraction between them is quite clear, the flirty glances and touches affirm that. Nia knows that being in a relationship with Derek could bring her past back to haunt her. A chance she is willing to take as she has fallen irrevocably in love with Derek. And the feeling is mutual.

If there’s going to be any future for them, she needs to reveal what she has hidden away. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she has to though. Needless to say, both Derek and Nia come face to face with what she’s been running away from.

The storyline was great and I enjoyed it immensely. The sex scenes were hot; however, I did have to laugh at some of the ad libs included in the authors writings. I’m not used to hearing earlobes being called “Spongy Treasures” or hitting the “Twat Spot” This I had to Google! There is also a lot to be said about the editing of this book, but we cannot hold that against the author.

I’m looking forward to book two as I would like to see what happens between the two protagonists.



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

I would recommend that you read Her Ride before starting Her Journey as the characters and situations cross over from that book to this one.

When Melia lost her mother she knew life would never be the same for her again. Her mother’s final wish would change her life forever. Offering the two people who were there for her during her mother’s illness, Ryan and Elllis aka Dirty, member of an MC club, the most wonderful gift. Melia agrees to carry a child for them. Now pregnant with twins, she decides to leave her home and move closer to Ryan so she’s able to help her through her pregnancy.

Ryan brings Melia to the club when she’s put on bed rest and straight into the path of Patrick aka Wrench, Ryan’s brother. He’s strong, protective tough, tattooed and dominant. Using women for his own pleasures, he moves on never wanting to be tied down in any shape or form. However, he will do anything for his sister. She’s recovering from a serious illness, and after what he watched her go through, he’s determined to protect her. He’s also the president of the Tormented Souls MC. All living together, the sparks soon start flying between Wrench and Melia. They argue, bicker and make remarks, but something else is happening… she wants to hate him, but she also craves him. And to complicate matters more, he is also starting to have feelings for her. The chemistry between them is hotter than hot! When a rival MC club starts to make trouble and Melia gets caught in the crossfire, will Wrench be able to protect her, his sister and the MC?

I loved this book. The banter between Melia and Wrench provided a few laugh out loud moments, the sex scenes were sizzling hot and fiery, but there were also some touching moving scenes. Rachel writes fantastic leave your mouth wide open sex scenes! Her characters are raw, believable, and the storyline holds your interest throughout. It was also great to see how Wrench changed his ways for Melia. I was sad when it came to an end as I really connected to these characters and their world. Try not to make me wait too long for book three Ms Orman, because I am so looking forward to more, more, more!