COLLATERAL (Blood and Roses # 6) by CALLIE HART


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall and Rachel McEwan.

Oh wow Sharon, I know you were just as excited as me to read this one! The final part in the series of Zeth and Sloane’s story was finally here and on our kindles, we both couldn’t wait to dive straight in! Personally I don’t think I’ve read a six book series before with all the same characters which held my interest to the very last page! Now that is some feat for me; just to want to keep reading the books. Well, this one did not disappoint in the slightest. Reading the final part in Zeth and Sloane’s story was bitter-sweet. I raced to the end as I needed to know if they got their HEA after all they had gone through, well, did they I hear you ask! I’m not going to say; let’s just say the final part in there story wasn’t plain sailing at all!

Yeah Rachel! Playing the waiting game hasn’t been an easy task for me either. We literally relished the opportunity to read and review the last book in an amazing series which none of us wanted to come to an end. However, sadly it has. Suffice it to say the ending left me hungry for more; the only way you’ll find out how Zeth and Sloane’s story concludes, is by reading this outstandingly well written finale. With all storyline’s swirls, twirls, up and downs, you’re right in saying these two protagonists who we have learnt to love, aren’t going to have an easy journey Rachel.

Aha—Zeth and Slone. It made us wonder whether two contrasting personalities will ever manage to find equilibrium in a supposedly doomed relationship from the start? The last book in this series is without a doubt masterfully plotted on the author’s part. I, for one, could never have imagined that they were able to overcome all the hurdles thrown in their way. Zeth will discover more about his background which is going to be an extremely an hard task for him to come to terms with. But we’re talking about a strong man who is prepared for just about anything to keep Sloane and Lacey, his sister, out of harm’s way.

“So far nothing in my life has been easy, Pippa. I’d really fucking be surprised if the universe decided to give me a break now.”

Fighting against time to save a loved one, Zeth will have to outwit his enemy, Charlie Holsan, who is really the backbone to this fast-moving story. What an insufferable character and a half this man with no scrupulous is! Ms. Hart has developed his personal traits down to a tee; his British accent comes over strong, and you can literally feel his hate consume him. His experiences turned him into a vengeful individual a long time ago. So get ready to endure a hard ride alongside Zeth because Charlie will do everything in his power to destroy him.

“You could give two shits if I live or die, my boy. But it’s nice that you pretend, right?”

Now these two marvellous protagonists have come to a crossroads. As the pressure mounts, hard decisions are made, decisions which could change their lives forever. A perfect plan goes wrong though and Sloane is put in a tight spot. Never fear; Zeth comes up with a brilliant idea to free her from the DEA Agent, Denise Lowell’s interrogations. Collateral!

“We’ll be keeping Ernie, Denise.”

Of course, this isn’t the only tight corner they will find themselves in. The mob is breathing down their necks, Rebel’s still holding Sloane’s sister, Alexis. Against her will? The only way to find out is by diving in this unputdownable read. And what about Sloane’s father? Surprises; they are bountiful!

In their grievance, Pippa, Michael and Sloane get absolutely sloshed. Even though they’re all worse for wear when Zeth gets back, this will be an important turning point for him. This scene is very emotional so have the Kleenex at hand folks.

‘’Zeth has always felt that wave to me, wild and unstoppable, and that’s part of what’s thrilled me about being with him. But right now, it feels like we’re an equal force and we cancel each other out’’

If you’ve enjoyed this series as much as Sharon and I, then this is the perfect ending to their story.The story telling was flawless and told brilliantly and left no unanswered questions, and even though we were only offered two explicitly described sex scenes, it’s worth having a fan at hand! The only issue we both had with the final instalment of Zeth and Sloane’s story was there was the epilogue. At first we both thought it was another chapter not the epilogue. We both were expecting a longer expanse of time; say one or two years from the end of the book. We thought after six books they both deserved that, so the ending for us was somewhat abrupt.  However; that could just be us being greedy! One other thing to mention is we would love to hear Michael’s story. We loved the chapter told from his point of view. Throughout all the books, Michael played an integral part to the whole story, and feel we have more to learn from him. So Ms Hart, if you are reading this please, consider a spin off story for this intriguing character. Well, what more can we say other than Ms. Hart; we could read your books until the cows come home, so please keep filling up our kindles with more mind blowing stories! Bravo!

Epic quote from Zeth which has to be acknowledged; “You pushing my buttons, angry girl?”