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Title: Robert

Author: Tracie Podger

Release Date: September 28, 2014

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Robert Stone was six years old when his parents were killed and he was left to live a life of abuse at the hands of a mad, religious aunt in America. At the age of eleven, alone and rejected, he cracked – with terrible consequences. But he survived.

Today he lives a life immersed in the world of crime and deadly secrets. As the head of a powerful organisation, he is a wealthy and very powerful man. He enjoys his very private life and he answers to no one. Until one day he meets a woman – a woman that will challenge everything he is and everything he has been.

This is the story of a remarkable man, a dangerous man. His life in his words. This is the story of Robert Stone.

Contemporary romance for readers over 18. Although part of the Amazon best-selling Fallen Angel series, Robert can be read as a prequel to Fallen Angel, Part I.

Photos of Robert Stone from the cover of Robert, a novel from the Fallen Angel Series by independent author Tracie Podger


A photo depiction of a scene from Robert, a novel from the Fallen Angel series by Tracie Podger

I watched her undo the belt at her side and shrug her shoulders, the dress falling to the floor. She slowly turned. She wore black lace panties and a matching bra. I strode towards her, taking her face in one hand, turning it to the side, giving me access to her neck.

I heard her breath quicken. I felt her hands on my chest, loosening my tie. I pulled her bra down, releasing a breast and sucked on her nipple while she fumbled with the zipper on my pants.

“You are one mean bastard,” she said.

“So I’ve been told, many times,” I whispered as my teeth bit down hard on her earlobe.


Photo depiction of Robert Stone in the shower - a scene from Robert, a novel from the Fallen Angel Series by Tracie PodgerTravis left and I headed for the shower. I closed my eyes and let the water run over my face, tilting it towards the shower head. I tried to conjure up some feeling towards what we had done, but nothing came. Was I so heartless that I couldn’t feel even the slightest remorse? Even killing a man for justifiable reasons deserved some feeling. There was no doubt Padriac was a threat to me and my family and that threat had to be dealt with. He couldn’t be allowed to blackmail or talk, but what was more important, he had beaten and abused my brother. I wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt my family and live after.


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About the Author

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

Tracie wishes to thank you for giving your time to read her books and hopes you enjoy them as much as she loves writing them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact her, she would love to hear from you.

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A photo edit with a quote from Robert, a novel from the Fallen Angel Series by Tracie Podger





 “Bro, got a fucking tag team with this interview,” I said, as Travis entered my office.


He laughed.  “That’s not something we have done before. You’re not scared of a couple of girls are you?”


“Funny.  When this is over Gina is out the door.  She organised this,” I said.


“Ah, come on bro, you agreed.  Don’t be too hard on her.”


“Softening towards her are we?” I said with a smirk.  Gina and Travis had never been the best of friends.


I stood, buttoned up my jacket and made my way out of the office, heading for the boardroom.


“I’ll come and help, just in case you need saving from the KFF.  Sounds like a fucking branch of the FBI,” Travis said, laughing.


I settled in my usual seat, my cup of strong, black espresso sitting on the desk in front of me.  I had gone beyond offering these interviewers any refreshments. 


Gina showed two women into the office.  I sighed as one clocked Travis sitting beside me and her smile broadened.  We were still dealing with the fallout after he fucked the last journalist.


“Ladies, please, take a seat,” I said. 


I waited, impatiently, as they fussed around.  My fingers drummed on the oak table.


“Thank you for seeing us, Mr. Stone and Travis, it’s good to see you too,” one asked.


“And you are?” Travis asked.


“Oh, sorry.  I’m Sharon Nuttall and this is my colleague, Dawn Vickers,” she replied.


“Well, it’s good to meet you both,” Trav replied, smoothly.


“Shall we get on?” I asked, wanting to move on from this pleasant exchange of personal information.  I was bored already.


“Of course.  We thought it might be fun to alternate, if you don’t mind,” Sharon said.


“Do whatever you want, let’s just get started shall we?”


“Erm, okay.  What’s your biggest regret Mr. Stone?”


“I don’t have any, Miss Nuttall.  I regret nothing in my life, that would be a waste of energy,” I replied.


Dawn then asked her question. “If you could change something in your past, what would it be?”


“That I had agreed to being interviewed might feature at the top of that list right now.”


The women sat wide eyed and not quite sure how to respond.


“As you can tell, Robert doesn’t particularly like being interviewed,” Travis said.


“Thank you for that clarification, Travis.  I can answer for myself,” I replied, scowling at him.


“Would you like us to continue?” Sharon asked.  I waved my hand, “Carry on.”


“Brooke has rocked your world.  What trait of hers makes you smile more?” She asked.


Now, I could play nice or I could play naughty.  My mind was taken back to the previous evening.  I think Brooke’s mouth was probably her best trait but not in the way these girls would be expecting.  I played nice.


“My wife is a remarkable woman.  Everything about her makes me smile, more so her strength of character,” I answered, pleased with myself.  That one would earn me brownie points for sure.


“Now you are back in New York and getting over your awful experience, do you feel any different?”  Dawn asked.


Travis chuckled as he heard me sigh.


“Miss Vickers, I’m not quite sure what airport you arrived in but see that building over there?  The big white one.  It’s quite famous, the President lives there.  We are in Washington, DC, not New York.”


Her cheeks reddened and I felt a little sorry for her, she was a nice woman, I shouldn’t be so sarcastic.


“And no, I don’t feel any different,” I added.


“Does it worry you that the police want to delve more into the relationship you had with Lucas?” Sharon asked.


“Not at all. Luca was a business associate, nothing more.  A legitimate business associate.   If the police feel the need to delve into those activities, they are more than welcome to.”


The fact that the police were interested in my relationship with Luca had become common knowledge. That interest had been leaked to the press and the person responsible would soon pay for that indiscretion.


“What drives you, Mr. Stone?”  Dawn asked.


At last, an intelligent question, I thought.


“Success drives me, Miss Vickers.  I like to succeed, get what I want, always.”


“Who inspired or still inspires you?” Sharon asked. 


This tag team idea seemed to be working, we were flying through their questions.


“My wife.  As I said previously, she is a remarkable woman.  Before her? Life, Miss Nuttall.  Life inspired me to become who I am now.”


Double brownie points for that one.  And, of course, I would collect my ‘points’ later that night.  I had an interesting evening planned with Brooke.


“Where do you see yourself five years from now? Settling down with a family, scaling back or still at the helm of your company, driving it and yourself forward?” Dawn asked.


For someone who didn’t know which city she was in, Miss Vickers was asking some interesting questions.  In fact, they both were, and I was starting to enjoy this exchange.


“In five years I see myself doing the same thing.  I have no intention of scaling back,” I said, ignoring the family element of her question.


“Looking back over your business life, are there any decisions you regret now, or indeed chances you didn’t take that you wish you had?” Sharon asked.


I paused before answering.  I had one regret in my business life. I regretted that Brooke had been dragged into it.  Not that I could have done anything to prevent that of course.  However, any regret I felt would stay with me, I had no intention of sharing that.


“No, as I said before Miss Nuttall.  Regret is a waste of energy as are lost chances.  I don’t dwell on the past, I concentrate only on the present and the future.”


Now we were back with Dawn. “You’ve recently married.  How has the new Mrs. Stone impacted or changed your life?”


“There has only ever been one Mrs. Stone so she isn’t the ‘new’ one.  But to answer your question, you wouldn’t have had an opportunity to sit here, in my boardroom, had it not been for Mrs. Stone.  Being interviewed was her idea and I would do anything, and I mean, anything for my wife.”


“Anything?” Sharon asked.


I smiled, not that the smile quite reached my eyes.


“I’d kill for her, Miss Nuttall.”


On that note, I stood, interview over, but not before noticing that neither girl had written my last answer down.  As the elevator door closed taking the women back down to the foyer, Travis started to chuckle. 


“Handled that very well, bro.  Maybe, just maybe, you are getting the hang of being a businessman.”


“Trav, fuck off.”  With that, I carried on with my day.




Thank you KFF for this, I’m thrilled to be answering your questions.


  • What or who inspires you to create the characters?


The people I know or have even just briefly met inspire me.  All of the characters in the Fallen Angel series are based on people I know.  Either I use their name and change their character, or use their character and change their name.  Here is something I received by text recently, “It was great to see my family’s names appear in the different books!”


  • At what age did you start writing seriously?


I started writing books in 2009.  It was as part of my therapy to overcome depression and I haven’t stopped since.  Between 2009 and 2013 I wrote A Virtual Affair, Fallen Angel, Part I, Part II and Robert.  I wrote the books back to back but then spent a long time editing, rewriting and deciding what to do with them. Fallen Angel, Part I was released in December 2013.


  • Which authors inspired you to write?


I don’t have an author that inspired me to actually start writing but I do have authors who I admire and the reasons they started inspire me.  Jasinda Wilder is one.  She hit hard times and wrote as a way out.  To sit and gamble on a book selling is courageous in my mind.  J K Rowling did the same.


  • When the ideas start to flow, to you jot them down, or do you remember them?


I make initial notes, mainly details about the characters and a family tree so I don’t forget who is who.  I have in my mind how the book will end and the opening lines, other than that, I just write and let the story and the characters take me where they want to go.


  • Have you ever thought about writing in collaboration with other authors?


I haven’t and I don’t know whether I would be any good at that.  I had an idea of two characters, two stories running side by side and, of course, at the end the characters and their story intertwines but I have projects taking me up to the end of 2016 so would have no idea when I could fit that in.


  • Do you have any special time of the day to write, or do you write 24/7?


Here’s how my day generally is…  The first thing I do when I get up, after a cup of tea of course, is log on to my social media accounts and check in with my team:  Paula Radell, my wonderful publicist, who is based in America (so I try to think of the time before I send her a message!) – and Lucii Grubb, who looks after my social media is based in the UK.  I then go through and answer any emails or messages sent, maybe put up a couple of tweets or Facebook posts before either editing the current books or writing the next one.  If I have a release date looming, I concentrate on that book.  For the past week, I’ve spent most of my time on Robert and once the tour starts, I’ll go back to my first round edits of Fallen Angel, Part III.  However, I always have a pad beside me.  If something pops into my mind to do with another book, I’ll write it down.


  • How many words to you write a day?


Normally about 8000 words a day.  When I first started, it would be around the 10,000 mark but now I don’t spend all day writing.  I do work until late into the night though.  Often I don’t finish until gone midnight.  If I am really into something, I can’t leave it.  I have the worst memory, I’d never remember what I wanted to write if I went to bed!  There was one time I went straight through the night.


  • What is the hardest thing about writing?


For me it’s making sure punctuation is correct!  I am the comma queen and thankfully I have a great team of beta readers who pick up on my overuse of that little curly thing.  Once my beta readers are done and I’m done checking, my books go to a guy, Declan Connor, who formats them for me.  He also reads them and does that one last check.  I have a running bet with him.  One day, he will have found no errors, no sneaky missing apostrophes – I lose every time!


  • Have you got any tips for would be writers?


Just do it.  I say this every time because I hear so often people say, I’d love to write a book or I have a great story in my mind.  Just sit down, forget about punctuation and spelling and structure for the moment and just write.  Get that story out.  Beta readers are a must and not just friends or family.  You need people you can trust to give you an honest opinion and be open to listening to those opinions.


  • If you could be any one of your characters, who would it be and why?


My obvious answer would be Brooke.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up beside Robert Stone each morning?  However, I think I would like to be Evelyn.  She has led an amazing life and has got to know Robert the child, the young man and the adult.  She has such a bond with him and Travis it would be wonderful to feel that.


  • How easy or difficult is it to write a sex scene to make it believable?


I find writing the sex scenes easy and you need to scroll down a little to my answer for question 13 to know the rest.


  • How do you stop the voices in your head when you are planning a new book?


You can’t!  All you can do is concentrate on listening to one at a time and write about them.   I have a notebook per book that I have written and each character has a section.  In that section I detail their look, their mannerisms and who I believe they are.  I will also detail what I think will happen to them.  Sometimes this changes.  The ending that you’ve read for Part II wasn’t the original one – I’ll say no more on that.


  • When writing, do you have a clear idea if the ending will be HEA or sad at the beginning or during?”


Initially I know how the book ends, in as much as I know where I am going to stop the story.  But during the process of writing, this may change.  It depends, I think, on how many emotions I have gone through in writing it.  I do cry at my own work! I also want to challenge the reader to examine what is a happy ever after, to open their mind to something other than boy meets girl, they fall in love, then end.


  • Last question and a little cheeky; do you practice the sex scenes to make sure they work? In the name of research, of course lol!


Love this question.  When I write I want it to be as realistic as possible.  Two things bug me:  the use of the word sex for a part of the female anatomy, and a scene that is physically impossible.  I read things and think, “You would need to be eight feet tall and have four arms to do that!”  So, to answer your question, yes and no.  My books are not about BDSM but they are about exploratory and exciting sex.  Sex that everyday couples can enjoy.  I haven’t written a manual, I don’t expect people to read then go try it out but I want it to feel real.  Some of what I have written, I’ve done.  I’m a 46 year-old woman, married and thankfully I have a partner that still desires me.  Every scene is carefully thought through, I see the scene in my head like a movie!


  1. I am a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor and have been for the past ten years. I’ve been diving a lot longer.
  2. I have a Y shaped scar on my right palm – I fell over as a child into a pile of broken bottles.
  3. My mother’s family are from Malta originally then settled in Spain.
  4. Apart from writing, my other passion is underwater photography. I especially like to photograph sharks.
  5. I love Jaffa Cakes!
  6. I started writing as part of my therapy to overcome depression.
  7. I drink far too much Earl Grey Tea.
  8. My favourite food is Italian.
  9. My favourite wines are Italian reds.
  10. I met my husband on a Saturday, we got engaged the following Saturday and married three months later – that was 22 years ago and, yes, we are still married.
  11. I have a cat called George – He doesn’t like me very much.
  12. I owned two dressage horses, Murdoch and Don, until a few years ago when I had to make a decision, diving or horses.
  13. I miss my horses!
  14. The first book I ever wrote is called A Virtual Affair and, although fiction, is based around an event in my life.
  15. Robert Stone, my main man, came to me in a dream – true!
  16. I am extremely forgetful and often very random.
  17. All the characters in my books are based on people I know. They might not have their real name or I might use their name but change their character.
  18. I love to people watch. I’ll sit in a coffee shop and make up stories about the people around me.
  19. The BBQ is mine and dare anyone touch it!
  20. I am an aunty to five boys and two girls and a great aunty to Oakley.

★•**•. We would like to express our gratitude to the author of Robert, Tracie Podger and her promoter, Paula Radell for making KFF’s blog tour possible.  Thank you! •**•.★