Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

Underneath is a standalone novel bursting with suspense. It’s not a love story as the two protagonists have what would appear at the beginning of the book, a settled life; however, for Lauren, her life is on the verge of boredom. It has been written in first person which I regard as a difficult feat in itself. The plot is original and when you think that you have everything mapped out in your head, bam! There is a twist in it which will leave you aghast! Trust issues abound, deception rules, and the situation the characters find themselves in, draws out an aggressive behaviour they didn’t realise they had in them.

Lauren Lawler and her caring husband, Niall, have a nine year old lad, Joe, who they both adore. She is the perfect mother! Even though she doesn’t complain about her humdrum chores, and the running of a little business she has online keeps her occupied and brings in some extra cash, guess what’s lacking in the bedroom department? Trying to brighten up her sex life; enticing her dormant husband Niall with her womanly ways, has no effect whatsoever. She complains, he makes excuses and doesn’t hold back when he keeps reminding her that he is the bread-winner. I found it easy to relate to their lives. They are such a normal couple living in the north of England and do what most people do!

Lauren always looks forward to sharing her gripes with her bosom buddy, Monique. And of course, Monique laps up what Lauren tells her and is always ready to give advice. When an acquaintance from the past moves back to Sheffield, Lauren finds herself being cajoled into participating in her son’s school fète. Well, a flirtatious teacher may have a hand in her decision, too! But why, all of a sudden, Bettina wants any kind of relationship with her after what had happened years ago, makes Lauren suspicious. From here on in, the story picks up. Strange things occur and the only person who takes Lauren seriously is her bestie.

I was never waiting for the twist which put a hell of lot of spice into the story. The author has without a doubt, done her homework well! I would have liked to have known a little more about how Lauren and her husband overcame their problems after such a horrific experience. I didn’t come across one spelling mistake; nevertheless, the editing could have been better!

All in all, Underneath is an enjoyable read that will have you flipping the pages!



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

Sabrina Miller’s world is turned upside down one morning when her husband is tragically killed on his way to work. Left with three children, she focuses on them to get her through each day. With the help of her friend Nick, she gets through it and moves on with her life. Four years later, her world changes again when she bumps into Mike who she instantly feels attracted to. And he to her, but he carries a secret that involves Sabrina. A secret that could destroy everything. They get to know each other, sparks fly between them and they start to fall in love. Sabrina is happy again with Mike by her side. He’s kind, caring, attentive, sexy and gets on well with her children…everything is perfect. However, when his secret comes out, she finds herself devastated all over again. Will she be able to forgive and both of them move forward, or will Mike lose his chance of love with Sabrina? I’m not going to say any more as it will give away the rest of the story!

I loved this book! It’s a story of lost love, loss, friendship and finding happiness again when you least expect it. But about forgiveness, too. The story is well written, and despite the fact that it’s a fairly long read, I never felt bored or had the need to skip pages. It was interesting as there was always enough going on within the story to keep it that way. There’s also an array of secondary characters I hope to see in future books since this is book one in a series. It’s an emotional read so get your tissues ready…. it will break your heart then put it back together again! It’s not all heartbreak though. These two steam things up quite a bit and the sex scenes are smoulderingly hot!!!

For a first book, Myra has done a fantastic job. I loved the way it dragged me through a mill of emotions and so glad I went on Sabrina and Mike’s journey!!! Looking forward to what Myra has planned next!!!