Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

She’s done it again! If Mister Black left me dangling on a precipice, the follow up has had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout this book which I guarantee you is beyond perfect! This isn’t a standalone novel, so unless you’ve read the first book, don’t attempt to read this one because every small detail in this well thought out plot is of extreme importance from beginning to end. Trust issues abound, untold truths are rife, and the big question is whether or not the past catches up with the two protagonists, Talia and Bash.

“I’m not the only one still holding my cards close,” he says softly.”

Talia is just as confused by Bash’s persona as I was. Now out of job and concentrating on her writing, she will meet up with this drop-dead gorgeous Alpha male when she is cajoled into going to a resort by her aunt. She goes on the condition that her good friend, Cass, accompanies her, but Cass has the opportunity of a life time and drops out at the last moment. The first contact she has with Bash brings back nostalgia for the only person she has truly had any feeling for, Sebastian. She has gone to great lengths to protect herself by learning to live with her obsession for this mysteriously attractive man whom she gave herself to completely three years ago. He has ruined her for any other man and she knows it! She also has no idea that there is a lot more to Bash than meets the eye. Hence, a brilliant plot with twist and turns that absolutely enchanted me.

“I’ve never had to explain myself to anyone before, but for you, I’ll try.”

Bash has a job to do which I cannot possibly tell you about because it would spoil the book for you, but I will say this; his character is mind blowing! Even though I got a little irate with Talia at times, I loved the sassy banter and innuendos between both of them. And reflecting on the two books and how they have been so well woven together, I really do understand how Talia feels.

“Why is spending the night with me so embarrassing to you?”

The author’s ability to describe their personalities is quite incredible. This passionate read palpates each other’s attraction so much so that it simmers on every page. Of course, the build-up is nothing more than explosive. Ms. Mitchelle, you have written an unputdownable book. The grammar, vocabulary and editing is faultless. And you have a way of making me want to strangle my Kindle at the end of the story, so to sum up in two words is easy; simply bravo!

I couldn’t resist! Here are a few more teasers for you…

“Keep your legs where they are and trust that I’m a man of my word.”

“I’m a starving man, cruelly teased by this gorgeous spread of Talia laid out like a five-course meal.”

“I think you might’ve forgotten what rainbows look like, so it’s my turn to show you exactly where to look.”


HOT-BLOODED by Kendall Grey


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

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This is a mythical read overflowing with undercurrents of tension. Passion lies within Keahilani Alana’s strong family ties and an illegal inheritance which was discovered after Mahina, her mother, died tragically, and has to be safeguarded come what may for the survival of them all. A dominant and outstandingly beautiful woman who will stop at nothing to protect ‘Ohana,’ the family, is not your typical heroine by any means. Her many facets are entwined into Hawaiian culture, and come alive in this story’s intricate plot where twists and turns abound. Thus, it is a book to be savoured and not read quickly.

‘Fire from heaven suited both her personalities well.’

Even though Keahilani mourns her mother, the strong bond she had with her continues to live in her mother’s spirit in the form of a butterfly. When she comes across her mother’s memoirs, every unimaginable secret unfolds causing even more heartbreak and she vows never to do what her mother had done. Don’t expect any lovey dovey romance in this standalone novel because it just doesn’t exist! The sex scenes are impeccably described, extremely hot, and tempestuously conflictive for her since she wants complete and utter control over her feelings regardless. Her need to carry on her mother’s legacy, her responsibility to keep her three brothers safe in a business that is far from legit, is much stronger than any rendezvous. They all love surfing. Not only is it ingrained in their genes, but you’ll also be able to envisage one of the character’s need to find that big wave that surfers dream about.

‘Grinning ear to ear, hands raised in a victory pose, he lived his dream while I prepared to kill my nightmare.’

Their above board surfing business, excuse the pun, offers classes and she reluctantly gives a class to Blake Murphy. He wants lessons; he wants her in the literal sense of the word, too! Little do either of them know that their paths are going to cross later on in the story under circumstances far from pleasant. She likes Blake Murphy; however, she doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. Okay, he might be gorgeous, but he’s certainly not trustworthy. He’s a paid assassin for a drug cartel with a job to do. He has to investigate a new drug organisation, report back to the only man he considers a friend; a nasty piece of work might I add, and take matters further when the puzzle comes together. And what a puzzle it is folks!

“I’m gonna f**k you, Kea.” Double entendre if there ever was one.

It is plain to see that the author has really gone to a lot of trouble to write a book with such an outstanding plot. And despite my total ignorance regarding Hawaiian culture, after finishing this read, I did feel a little more knowledgeable. Get ready for crude language, harsh and aggressive scenes that will leave you aghast, and moments of utter despair. Apart from the suspense which is gripping at all times, what impressed me most was how all the author’s character’s traits and physical appearances were described down to the smallest detail. The ending left me pondering for a while! Could there me more from where this came from? There is no doubt whatsoever that a follow-up would be perfectly feasible. Ms. Grey, you are a very skilful storyteller. Bravo!

‘Ohana is everything. It damn sure was. An ‘ohana hadn’t been the same without Mahina.’



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

Despite the fact that this kind of genre isn’t what I normally read, I was pleasantly surprised by the plot. It’s well structured, the storyline is good and the editing is excellent. Not only was I unexpectedly taken aback by the book’s cover; hence, never judge a book by it, but I also thought it was going to be your typical rock n roll romance story. It most certainly is not! This is a story of two young people finding their way. A story of trust, compassion, commitment; of true friendship.

Coming to terms with the loss of someone so very dear to both these inexperienced protagonists has been dealt with the utmost sensitivity by the author. She has explicitly conveyed how Dee copes with depression, how Adam helps and cares for her while she’s ill, and how he in turn, takes on the responsibility of a child which isn’t his.

This gorgeous young man’s patience with Dee seems to have no limits; however, that didn’t stop me having the impression that he was constantly walking on hot coals. Are they capable of overcoming their personal issues in this story full of emotion? I asked myself this selfsame question because Dee’s attitude downright irritated me. Dee’s crazy friend, Hayley, is a breath of fresh air and her quick off the mark banter got more than one laugh out of me. She is a true friend who holds no bars in any situation. I found her personality totally fitting for smoothing over the rough ride the reader is going to have.

I won’t ‘let on’ any more details about all the wonderful characters because I think this book is worthy of reading, and even though I have awarded it three and a half stars, please don’t be put off by this as my rating has to do with the kind of book I normally read.



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

Annie Donovan is a vet. She runs a small city practice, lives above it in a small apartment with her cats and loves her job. She’s kind-hearted and quiet but her life is boring. Till Stoney…

He turns up one night in need of her help to save his dog Sarge and consequently turns Annie’s world upside down. He’s a sexy, smouldering man, but complicated and a total mystery to Annie; nonetheless, she’s drawn to him. They have a night of red hot sex and Annie is hooked lock, stock and barrel. Stoney knows he should stay away from the shy vet, but he can’t help himself. He has secrets of his own that he can’t tell her which unwittingly bring danger to her doorstep. As their relationship progresses, Annie gets irritated by Stoney’s disappearing acts. Her feeling for him are getting out of control and she knows she’s falling for him deeply. When his secrets are revealed, will she forgive him for deceiving her? Stoney decides the life he has been leading isn’t for him any more, he wants out, he wants to settle down with Annie; maybe even start a family. However, his old way of life isn’t ready to let go just yet which puts Annie in more danger. I really don’t want to say much more as it will spoil the book and give away too much.

This is a new direction for Maryann and totally different from her Fairfield books. While the story was good, I sometimes felt it was a bit on the slow side. I also found Stoney quite irritating to begin with in the way he spoke and if the truth be told, I found some of his speech repetitive. The other thing to touch upon is I worked out the storyline / plot line pretty quickly and easily, which for me took some pleasure out of reading the book. Saying that, the sex scenes were flowing, explicitly described, and fitted in perfectly to the story’s structure.



Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this story after reading the Searching For Moore series. This story is about Zac Moore who we had a glimpse of in the series as he is the son of Schooner Moore.

The glimpse we got of him was not colourful for this seemingly troubled young man who caused a lot of problems. So going into this, I kind of guessed we were going to learn why he is the way he is, and if he goes on a self-discovery and finally grows up. He has to at some point, doesn’t he? After all he is Schooners son!

Zac uses his good-looks to his advantage. A total man whore; he takes nothing seriously in his college life. His best friend is Liz, and he’s very friendly with his roommate, Brian. Zac gets himself into a whole lot of trouble and subsequently has to stop and take stock of where he is heading in his life. He embarks on a mission to help out in the Congo. He is a student engineer and his father feels that if he takes the next semester off, he will get a lot out of the trip. Not only does he find out Lily Castillo is out there; a family friend who Zac is intrigued by, but he is happy to go, too. Lily and Zac are worlds apart. He is a bad boy and Lily is a serious and focused young lady who has also taken the semester out to intern in the Congo. When the time comes for her to go back home, she’ll be going to med school.

Obstacles are in the way, but it soon materializes that Zac and Lily have a connection. He has settled in well in the Congo and is truly making a difference. The two embark on a relationship of sorts. Seemingly coming together, the path of true love never runs smoothly. Tragedy strikes and sacrifices are made. What does the future hold for Zac and Lily? Is there a future? You feel your heart rip out for the two of them. We see a change in Zac as he comes of age. Love, tragedy and life’s experiences certainly turn this boy into a man. An extremely hot man!

I knew I would really enjoy this story. I would describe it as a coming of age story that is filled with angst, and definitely hot, hot, hot! I loved Julie’s work and just had a feeling I would enjoy this offering. The only little niggle I have is the over usage of first names and surnames. I felt that at the beginning, I learnt who they were and did not need to constantly reminded of their full names. But saying that, it’s a very small niggle because I saw through yet again, a fantastic story. Massive positives in this book make it a highly recommended and worthy read.

Thank you Julie for sharing another fantastic creation.



Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.


This is the story of Jules / Julia Delaney. Her story starts from her childhood where things happen that shape her into the woman that she is today. The murder of a young girl cuts short summer camp, so Jules and her friends return home early. Bored and under house arrest from their parents, the girls play with an Ouija Board which tells them, especially Jules, that she will be haunted all her life.

Now a young woman and lead singer of the hottest rock band, The Sick Ponies, Jules lives her life on the edge countless times after show partying and sex. A toxic relationship with Johnny, a member of the band, all prove to her what the Ouija board told her that night was true. The consequences make her like a plastic shell on the outside, but hiding what she really wants to be underneath.

Then she meets Brennan and her world tilts when she starts feeling more for him than just sex. However, as she falls deeper, Brennan’s secrets change everything again, and we see her revert back to the old Jules. She slips back into a relationship with Johnny but as the years pass, Brennan is never far away from her thoughts. One night after seeing Brennan at one of their gigs and sick of life’s knocks, she makes a huge decision that changes her life yet again. She goes off the grid and makes a new life. And a new Julia emerges. Fast forward a few years and the past comes knocking again, but will Julia finally be able to put her demons behind her and finally, this time, find her one true love?

This was a great read which centered mainly on three characters all intertwined with each other at various parts in the book. Each a strong character in their own right, Brennan is mysterious, sexy, and seems to be the perfect man for Jules in every way. Johnny! This gorgeous sexy band member who breaks her in more ways than one, but can never let go. And Jules… strong, feisty and independent; hardened to life until you start to scratch below the surface. Their story takes you on a journey of emotions, despair and heartache. Love, lies and deceit ….the story of one young woman’s journey to find her true self and her one true love.

At the end we get the first chapter of book two Artificial Love which is focused on Johnny. Should be great reading!!!

THE LOVER’S GAME (No Exceptions #2) by J.C. REED


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

the lover's gameEven though No Exceptions book two is told from Brooke’s POV, Brooke and I are still in the dark as to what Jett’s game is! Gr…the author has indeed got us all worked-up! Why his behaviour towards Brooke is so out of character is another detail that must not be overlooked either. He makes out to be the caring lover, but as yet, he’s still got to prove himself to me. One thing is for sure; we going to have to wait for The Lover’s Promise coming in October to find out if he really is who he claims to be.

If you’re reading this review, it’s because you’ve read The Lover’s Secret and well know Brooke’s made a preconceived decision regardless of her carrying Jett’s child. I personally think her lack of communication with Jett; her inability to tell him her true feeling and her stubbornness, is the crux of the problem in this story. She has no regard as to whether or not he’s behaviour is right or wrong and won’t listen to him, and this irritated me no end. Why he won’t come clean and clear up a few points with her, I found very frustrating, too! In a nutshell, all this guy has managed to do is sow confusion!

A looming future as a single parent with strangling debts and now no stable job doesn’t stop her from leaving him. She’s made a new friend who suggests that she tries out a job which sounds a little ominous, but what choice does she have? Will she even consider it under the circumstances in which she finds herself? Get ready; the author is going to take us on a helter-skelter ride where you’ll definitely be in for a surprise or two. You will be left with gaping mouths when you discover who the drop-dead gorgeous man is in the sleazy club where Brooke’s friend insisted they go to? Furthermore, Brooke becomes persona non compos mentis after someone for reasons unknown to us, does an unscrupulous action in the same place. To say that this well described part of the book didn’t put me on tenterhooks would be an understatement! There is certainly more than meets the eye here and the only way to know who is behind this, is by reading follow-up.

As always, the author’s explicit description of the hot, sexy scene is brilliant. However, I did feel that a little more banter between the two protagonists was necessary. There is no doubt that the plot is solid which in itself, is the recipe for a good story, and the cliffy was exactly what I would expect from her. I am really looking forward to the next instalment. Bravo Ms. Reed!

lover's secret 2n