Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

It is of utmost importance that book one and two in this series is read before Little Dove. This is not an easy read if you are squeamish! Violence, revenge, abduction and abuse reigns in this read so please be warned!

Dimitri and Columbia’s love for each other flourishes beyond obsession. I found their need to have sex in every place imaginable a bit over the top and totally unrealistic! Dimitri wants erase his past and be a better person for Columbia and even though they constantly have sex on their minds; with their arch enemy, Sergei, nicely taken care of, their relationship seems to take a turn for the best. They start to build a life together with Nico at their side. Always the devoted protector, he helps Columbia’s dream come true, eradicate the underground sex trade.

What they weren’t banking on was the watched had been watching them! Their plan goes terribly wrong and Columbia is abducted. Here is where I couldn’t understand parts of the plot. She has no idea whether Dimitri is alive or dead, but when she’s thrown into a cell with another sex slave and discovers who she is, she says that Dimitri is alive and well! I found a few other discrepancies in the story which I won’t go into; however, there is absolutely no doubt that the author has written a story overflowing with twists and turns. She knows how to write explicit sex scenes and the torture is extremely vivid, too. Her characters’ personality traits are well thought out, and you will abhor the baddies and love how Dimitri never gives up on his quest to release his little dove from the hands of her abductors.

Without Columbia by his side, Dimitri is mentally at his weakest point. Can this beast of a man find the strength not to revert back to his old self? Can he overcome all the obstacles put in his way, get to the love of his life on time? Fearing for her life and the lives of Ioana and Iryna, Columbia and the gals who she has befriended will be put to the limit. If you’ve read book one and two in this series, Little Dove has an incredible twist at the end and it is certainly worth reading to find out what happens.

I couldn’t read this novel in one sitting. Sex trafficking is repulsively harsh and difficult to comprehend in today’s society. The author has been very straightforward regarding this subject, so that is probably why I found the book exhausting. Saying that, one has a choice when one-clicking this kind of genre, and has anyone ever written a book about personal tastes?




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