Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

Facade CoverWhere to start with this book!

Once I got into it, it totally blew my mind, and I could not stop till I had finished! The story starts with a prologue where we find two lovers making love out in the open. Then we are thrown into a darker world where Starr’s nightmare begins. She awakes not knowing her name, age, what she likes, or how she got to the place she now finds herself…her memories, everything, has gone.

Just who is this brutally twisted man that keeps her here? She’s abused, used and stripped of all humanity. She hates him but also craves him; longs for his touch. Slowly Starr finds fragments of memories coming back to her….her captor, Dante. How could she be with him, someone hell-bent on pushing her, humiliating her? Why would she be marrying a man like this?
As time goes on, she has flashbacks of a very different Dante. A gentle, loving man who worshipped her in every way, so what could have happened to turn him into the man she sees now? He tells her he loves her; however, he’s impatient, cruel and controlling.

As all is not as it seems, I will stop here because saying any more will spoil the story. Façade will keep you guessing; play with your head, and when you think you have figured it out, you’re thrown another twist! It’s a dark twisted story which is brilliantly written and will have you shouting what the hell at your kindle!!!