ROBERT (Fallen Angel Series) by TRACIE PODGER


Reviewed by Dawn Vickers and Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This isn’t a love story. There are no steamy sex scenes as such! This is the life story of a beautiful person who you have probably meet in Fallen Angel series, and if by any chance you haven’t had the opportunity to read book one, two and three, no worries!

                                                                                               ❈ ❈ ❈

“I really think that one could consider this book as a prequel Dawn. What do you think?”

“I totally agree with you Sharon! In fact, I would go so far as saying that even though it wasn’t written as a standalone, there’s absolutely no harm in reading it beforehand. There is no doubt that this book gives us more insight into why Robert is like he is today!”

“Dawn! This man’s was a walking time bomb in the ring! How on earth he had sufficient control to tame his ire after what he’d been through is amazing! What I liked more about him is his honestly—most certainly a lad wise beyond his years! He knew from a very young age how to use his psyche to his advantage, too! Those eyes—oh my God! I tell you what, I’d rather be on the good side of him!”

“You’re not the only one Sharon! What stood out for me was his devotion to the few people he loves!” “Just look at Travis, like chalk and cheese, but Robert never gave up on him. Quite the reverse; he instilled right and wrong from the very beginning of their relationship. Not to mention they could have easily run off with the money Guiseppi Morietti, Evelyn’s father, gave them to buy decent clothes!”

“That’s a good point you’ve made Dawn. And the milestone in this story. His ambition overwhelmed me. And his trust issues are quite comprehensible after what he had to bear as a child. It was a pleasure reviewing with you!”

“Me too Sharon. Like to add that the author has conveyed her characters’ personalities to perfection, a brilliant read!”

                                                                         ❈ ❈ ❈

Robert’s future wasn’t a bright one! At a very young age, he had to learn to fend for himself. Born in the south of London, he was friendless! His parents were there; however, not as parents should be. They couldn’t care less for his well-being, if he was in or out of school, if a hot meal was put on the table. Circumstances dictate his destiny. He knew his American aunt was bonkers! Highly religious, she chastises Robert for existing. He had no comparison to make; nonetheless, his sixth sense kicks in and he survives.

He and a young lass, Cara, become friends. Both live in nightmarish surroundings where the protection of minors doesn’t exist. They only have each other but that’s not enough. When the unspeakable happens, he does something which he has no remorse for. While reading this chapter, I literally sobbed my heart out for these two young souls. Years later, he will take revenge without batting an eyelid and believe you me, I backed him up all the way. Robert runs! He finds himself in a very precarious position only to become stronger; a fighter in the best sense of the word.

Guiseppe, aka Joe, is shrewd man. He can see Robert’s potential and employs both boys. Robert is given more and more responsibility as he gets older, and boy oh boy, does he flourish! Every one of Joe’s wishes becomes his command. His ambitious drive to turn the business into a legitimate one is only possible because of the respect all Joe’s workers have for him. Except one person, Joe’s son. Joey, who is eaten up with jealousy, plays an important part in Robert’s story. A nasty piece of work I might add!

This read is well plotted out, the bloody scenes are descriptive but not overly so that you need to take a breather, and above all, the characters’, secondary included, are easy to relate to. Mmmm, Nikki! Robert wants a release, he definitely doesn’t want anything serious with this conniving b**ch! On the contrary to what he thinks about love, maybe this drop-dead gorgeous man will find a woman to share his future. We will see! And Evelyn, well, she has her own story which is worthy of reading. Perhaps the author might even consider writing Travis’ story because I couldn’t help fall for him!

A word to the author is in order here. You have complimented the Fallen Angel series with Robert’s story to perfection. Therefore this book can be summed up with one word…Bravo!

I would also like to mention Dawn Vickers, my buddy reader. Thank you!

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