Reviewed By Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

lockeThis instalment is the last book in the Corps Security series. I have not read the series but believe this can still be read as a standalone. All being said, I shall definitely be going back to start from the beginning as Locke proved to not only be a great story, but it was also very well written and had me totally intrigued from the start.

Locke is a broken and damaged man. He has neither had an easy life growing up, nor in his adult life. He joined the military to rebel and escape. Maddox Locke doesn’t let anyone close to him, keeping them at arm’s length. Could he possibly love at all with all the darkness in him?
Emersyn is a young lady with a path already mapped out for her which she secretly wants to escape. Emmy is forced to live a certain way by her parents; they have tried to mould her into their lifestyle to take over the business, so they can sit back and reap the benefits.

Emersyn is rescued by a fellow corps of Maddox. She is employed as a receptionist at The Corps Security where she meets Maddox. Emmy is drawn to him— it’s not love at first sight as he is very volatile towards her. Eventually, it is clear that Emersyn has quickly fallen for Maddox. This is not easy for her as he pushes her away; however, he has developed something for her.

There a lot of bumps in the road for them, trying to escape their past and look for a possible future together. Can they save each other? Will Maddox finally open up? You will have to read to find out. He maybe dark, but Emersyn has a lot of love to give.

I love the dark brooding of Maddox and the hot sexiness of him. And although Emersyn has had a tough life, she has a reasonably strong character. Of course, there was some hot sex scenes thrown in and the whole Corps Security family was in amongst the story.

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the story of Maddox and Emersyn. It certainly had enough twists and turns and a fantastic ending. There is a playlist written at the beginning that’s worth listening to as you read, because it gives a real feeling to the story. One last thing Harper, you have a new fan and ready to one-click The Corps series and by the time I’ve read them all, I will probably need to read Locke again.

locke teaser 4

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