Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

This is the prequel to the Chasing Carolina Series.

Chase loves cars and women. He’s twenty-two, has a high profile family and wants for nothing. Chase and his friends take off to spend summer at Myrtle Beach thinking it will be wall to wall partying and women. What he doesn’t bank on is meeting Ashlynn. She’d found out that her boyfriend cheated on her before going on holiday with her friends, and doesn’t expect to meet Chase and fall for him. When they meet, sparks fly between them. Even though an attraction grows, she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Chase is experiencing feelings he never knew he had, so they try not to fall in love; however, with only four weeks together, can they both survive when something that started out as a summer fling suddenly becomes so much more? Can Ashlynn let Chase in and will Chase be able to change his playboy ways and be with Ashlynn?

Ashlynn will be going to college and Chase is starting his career as a Nascar driver. They both know their time together will be limited and living so far apart— can they settle for a holiday romance and walk away at the end of it, or agree to wait for each other while they pursue their dreams?

This read is perfect if you are after a light, fun, easy read full of sexy hot moments and little drama. The beach setting makes you almost feel like you’re in this story, too! The secondary characters are also an enjoyable part of the book and don’t fade into the background. Each has a good solid character in their own right.

Danielle Jamie writes some smoking sex scenes and things were definitely hot between these two. This book is a prequel Chase and Ashlynn will be back in 2015 can’t wait!!


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