Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

She’s done it again! If Mister Black left me dangling on a precipice, the follow up has had me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout this book which I guarantee you is beyond perfect! This isn’t a standalone novel, so unless you’ve read the first book, don’t attempt to read this one because every small detail in this well thought out plot is of extreme importance from beginning to end. Trust issues abound, untold truths are rife, and the big question is whether or not the past catches up with the two protagonists, Talia and Bash.

“I’m not the only one still holding my cards close,” he says softly.”

Talia is just as confused by Bash’s persona as I was. Now out of job and concentrating on her writing, she will meet up with this drop-dead gorgeous Alpha male when she is cajoled into going to a resort by her aunt. She goes on the condition that her good friend, Cass, accompanies her, but Cass has the opportunity of a life time and drops out at the last moment. The first contact she has with Bash brings back nostalgia for the only person she has truly had any feeling for, Sebastian. She has gone to great lengths to protect herself by learning to live with her obsession for this mysteriously attractive man whom she gave herself to completely three years ago. He has ruined her for any other man and she knows it! She also has no idea that there is a lot more to Bash than meets the eye. Hence, a brilliant plot with twist and turns that absolutely enchanted me.

“I’ve never had to explain myself to anyone before, but for you, I’ll try.”

Bash has a job to do which I cannot possibly tell you about because it would spoil the book for you, but I will say this; his character is mind blowing! Even though I got a little irate with Talia at times, I loved the sassy banter and innuendos between both of them. And reflecting on the two books and how they have been so well woven together, I really do understand how Talia feels.

“Why is spending the night with me so embarrassing to you?”

The author’s ability to describe their personalities is quite incredible. This passionate read palpates each other’s attraction so much so that it simmers on every page. Of course, the build-up is nothing more than explosive. Ms. Mitchelle, you have written an unputdownable book. The grammar, vocabulary and editing is faultless. And you have a way of making me want to strangle my Kindle at the end of the story, so to sum up in two words is easy; simply bravo!

I couldn’t resist! Here are a few more teasers for you…

“Keep your legs where they are and trust that I’m a man of my word.”

“I’m a starving man, cruelly teased by this gorgeous spread of Talia laid out like a five-course meal.”

“I think you might’ve forgotten what rainbows look like, so it’s my turn to show you exactly where to look.”