HOT-BLOODED by Kendall Grey


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

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This is a mythical read overflowing with undercurrents of tension. Passion lies within Keahilani Alana’s strong family ties and an illegal inheritance which was discovered after Mahina, her mother, died tragically, and has to be safeguarded come what may for the survival of them all. A dominant and outstandingly beautiful woman who will stop at nothing to protect ‘Ohana,’ the family, is not your typical heroine by any means. Her many facets are entwined into Hawaiian culture, and come alive in this story’s intricate plot where twists and turns abound. Thus, it is a book to be savoured and not read quickly.

‘Fire from heaven suited both her personalities well.’

Even though Keahilani mourns her mother, the strong bond she had with her continues to live in her mother’s spirit in the form of a butterfly. When she comes across her mother’s memoirs, every unimaginable secret unfolds causing even more heartbreak and she vows never to do what her mother had done. Don’t expect any lovey dovey romance in this standalone novel because it just doesn’t exist! The sex scenes are impeccably described, extremely hot, and tempestuously conflictive for her since she wants complete and utter control over her feelings regardless. Her need to carry on her mother’s legacy, her responsibility to keep her three brothers safe in a business that is far from legit, is much stronger than any rendezvous. They all love surfing. Not only is it ingrained in their genes, but you’ll also be able to envisage one of the character’s need to find that big wave that surfers dream about.

‘Grinning ear to ear, hands raised in a victory pose, he lived his dream while I prepared to kill my nightmare.’

Their above board surfing business, excuse the pun, offers classes and she reluctantly gives a class to Blake Murphy. He wants lessons; he wants her in the literal sense of the word, too! Little do either of them know that their paths are going to cross later on in the story under circumstances far from pleasant. She likes Blake Murphy; however, she doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. Okay, he might be gorgeous, but he’s certainly not trustworthy. He’s a paid assassin for a drug cartel with a job to do. He has to investigate a new drug organisation, report back to the only man he considers a friend; a nasty piece of work might I add, and take matters further when the puzzle comes together. And what a puzzle it is folks!

“I’m gonna f**k you, Kea.” Double entendre if there ever was one.

It is plain to see that the author has really gone to a lot of trouble to write a book with such an outstanding plot. And despite my total ignorance regarding Hawaiian culture, after finishing this read, I did feel a little more knowledgeable. Get ready for crude language, harsh and aggressive scenes that will leave you aghast, and moments of utter despair. Apart from the suspense which is gripping at all times, what impressed me most was how all the author’s character’s traits and physical appearances were described down to the smallest detail. The ending left me pondering for a while! Could there me more from where this came from? There is no doubt whatsoever that a follow-up would be perfectly feasible. Ms. Grey, you are a very skilful storyteller. Bravo!

‘Ohana is everything. It damn sure was. An ‘ohana hadn’t been the same without Mahina.’