Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

Despite the fact that this kind of genre isn’t what I normally read, I was pleasantly surprised by the plot. It’s well structured, the storyline is good and the editing is excellent. Not only was I unexpectedly taken aback by the book’s cover; hence, never judge a book by it, but I also thought it was going to be your typical rock n roll romance story. It most certainly is not! This is a story of two young people finding their way. A story of trust, compassion, commitment; of true friendship.

Coming to terms with the loss of someone so very dear to both these inexperienced protagonists has been dealt with the utmost sensitivity by the author. She has explicitly conveyed how Dee copes with depression, how Adam helps and cares for her while she’s ill, and how he in turn, takes on the responsibility of a child which isn’t his.

This gorgeous young man’s patience with Dee seems to have no limits; however, that didn’t stop me having the impression that he was constantly walking on hot coals. Are they capable of overcoming their personal issues in this story full of emotion? I asked myself this selfsame question because Dee’s attitude downright irritated me. Dee’s crazy friend, Hayley, is a breath of fresh air and her quick off the mark banter got more than one laugh out of me. She is a true friend who holds no bars in any situation. I found her personality totally fitting for smoothing over the rough ride the reader is going to have.

I won’t ‘let on’ any more details about all the wonderful characters because I think this book is worthy of reading, and even though I have awarded it three and a half stars, please don’t be put off by this as my rating has to do with the kind of book I normally read.

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