Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.


This is the story of Jules / Julia Delaney. Her story starts from her childhood where things happen that shape her into the woman that she is today. The murder of a young girl cuts short summer camp, so Jules and her friends return home early. Bored and under house arrest from their parents, the girls play with an Ouija Board which tells them, especially Jules, that she will be haunted all her life.

Now a young woman and lead singer of the hottest rock band, The Sick Ponies, Jules lives her life on the edge countless times after show partying and sex. A toxic relationship with Johnny, a member of the band, all prove to her what the Ouija board told her that night was true. The consequences make her like a plastic shell on the outside, but hiding what she really wants to be underneath.

Then she meets Brennan and her world tilts when she starts feeling more for him than just sex. However, as she falls deeper, Brennan’s secrets change everything again, and we see her revert back to the old Jules. She slips back into a relationship with Johnny but as the years pass, Brennan is never far away from her thoughts. One night after seeing Brennan at one of their gigs and sick of life’s knocks, she makes a huge decision that changes her life yet again. She goes off the grid and makes a new life. And a new Julia emerges. Fast forward a few years and the past comes knocking again, but will Julia finally be able to put her demons behind her and finally, this time, find her one true love?

This was a great read which centered mainly on three characters all intertwined with each other at various parts in the book. Each a strong character in their own right, Brennan is mysterious, sexy, and seems to be the perfect man for Jules in every way. Johnny! This gorgeous sexy band member who breaks her in more ways than one, but can never let go. And Jules… strong, feisty and independent; hardened to life until you start to scratch below the surface. Their story takes you on a journey of emotions, despair and heartache. Love, lies and deceit ….the story of one young woman’s journey to find her true self and her one true love.

At the end we get the first chapter of book two Artificial Love which is focused on Johnny. Should be great reading!!!