SHINING STAR (Beautiful Chaos Trilogy # 3) by Arianne Richmonde


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

SHINING STARnWe were introduced to Jake Wild and Star Davis in Shooting Star. Even though the ending left me flabbergasted; I managed to control my urge to either pm the author and tell her how cruel she was, or do a bit of Kindle bashing! I did neither and patiently waited for Falling Star. The cliffy in this book was even better, and it actually left me praying that Star wouldn’t succumb to Leo’s advances when she was at her weakest. Shining Star is the conclusion to this young, beautiful and gifted starlet’s story who has to overcome more than one personal problem. Both protagonists’ POV is narrated chapter by chapter in a well-thought-out and solid plot with excellent banter. As an animal lover, I especially liked the way the author had integrated some interesting facts about a species in danger and I just loved Jake’s dog, Fierce.

‘”And eat up, Fierce, you’ve got a job to do today.”

Ms. Richmonde knows what she’s talking about! The trilogy revolves around the film industry; how it ticks and how a film comes together regardless of the setbacks. I really don’t want to ‘let on’ but I will tell you that Jake, an English film director who is making “Skye’s The Limit”, life’s going to come to an abrupt standstill when he discovers that his leading actress has disappeared into thin air with his right-hand man and confidant, Leo. Obviously he thinks the worst; however, after discovering who was behind this happening, truths are revealed. You always want what you never had, and now he doesn’t just want Star; no… he needs her. Jake has managed to keep his feelings for her at arm’s length, but is it too late for him to prove he’s capable of changing his ways? And what about Star’s sentiments towards Jake? She needs time to get over the loss of their very dear friend, and her wish to find herself, to get her act together, (no pun intended), don’t include him.

“And yeah, I know I’m still a sex addict, but when there’s only one other person involved?”

In spite of the palpitating attraction and mutual professional respect they have had for to each other throughout this trilogy, these two beautiful protagonists’ chaotic lives cause misunderstandings galore! There is never a dull moment in this story which had me spellbound from the start. I lapped up the author’s knowledge of a subject completely new to me too, and oh my, the sex scenes are incredibly explicit; incredibly hot! So get ready to put the air-conditioning on full-blast.

“…, I’ll take you to the moon and back, and f**k you till you’re seeing the stars.”

Once again, Ms. Richmonde has succeeded in writing a brilliant story which I might add, has a fabulous ending. The storyline, grammar and spelling is faultless which goes to show that a lot of time and effort has been put into it. And of course, this book wouldn’t be the same without the Chevalier family who have played an important part in all Ms. Richmonde’s writings. I’m so glad that they found their ‘media naranja.’ Bravo!

“Me, Star: the dysfunctional Hollywood casualty had found true love. With this equally troubled man. My media naranja.”