Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

“No!” A simple negative statement most of us have no trouble saying is the backbone to this intriguing and angst-ridden love story. The suspense will have you flipping the pages at the speed of light in a book which covers extremely delicate subjects such as abuse, self-esteem, complex trust issues and abduction.

Eden Rivers has difficulty coping with something appalling that happened to her while studying at college. Since then, she is incapable of having a normal relationship with the opposite sex. Four years of continuously struggling to come to terms with it is taking its toll, but by burying her true self helps her to survive. A night out with her best friend, Tori, is just what she needs to calm her nerves. However, she’s caught out! How? You’ll have to read the book to discover why this gifted and unpretentious photographer has built up an impenetrable wall around her very being. Eden relies heavily on her few bosom buddies, trusts them completely, and are the only ones who know about her dreadful experience. Or so she thinks!

Ky Crawford is a young and well-accomplished businessman. He is at the helm of Anderson Publications where his right-hand man, confident and most importantly, his brother, works. Josh not only understands why Ky is a workaholic, but also knows why his brother has unsuccessfully been trying to live with a secret. Even though Ky has no inclination to socialize, Josh talks him into going to a club. His unbelieving eyes fall upon an outstandingly beautiful girl clad in a red jacket; he knows her, she has no inkling who he is. What he couldn’t fathom out is why she is acting the way she is. What will her reaction be when she walks into his office the next day? Why is she there in the first place? There are certainly a lot of untruths to be unravelled in this well-thought-out and original plot. One thing is for sure; the woman he has dreamt about for years is back in his life. The question is, can he keep someone he never had to start with? Can he save her from ominous events on the horizon?

I put two and two together when I was 23% into the book. I had no issue with this though, and carried on reading because I really liked the storyline, the two protagonists and the secondary characters. When I was just over the halfway mark, I started getting a tad frustrated with the repetition of facts which had been mentioned before. However, I enjoyed reading Ky and Eden’s different POV chapter by chapter; Ky is so sensitive and patient towards Eden that at times, I was wiping a tear away, too. I would have gladly fallen at both brothers’ feet in their elegant attire any day! The author has written an extremely descriptive story. The banter is good, her usage of vocabulary, excellent, and the sex scenes are explicitly defined. I am indeed looking forward to reading Josh and Ashlyn’s story coming in 2015. Bravo Ms. Brookes.

My favourite passage: ‘Fear was a devastating thing. It gripped you to the point of being completely incapacitated and swallowed every rational thought that was your given right.’