Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

This is the fifth book in the Gypsy Brothers series which must be read in order. A warning; this is a very dark read full of vengeance, deception, abduction, rape, violence, and torture. Yes! Torture underlined and highlighted because even under the conditions Julie is in, Dornan never conforms. He always has the upper-hand, and he always wants more in a contorted storyline which will leave you literally spent! What I liked more than anything about this short read was how the author had slipped in a few snippets to help one reflect on past events and for that, I am truly grateful.

“Funny,” I whisper. “I never gave your sons a choice.”

Julie’s endurance to fight those who abused her when she was younger will have no closure until she has succeeded in wiping out a whole family. She will stop at nothing. But all the extreme lengths she had taken to cover her tracks in the past, aren’t enough. Now she finds herself in dire straits; however, her furious anger will feed her survival instincts. Facing the person who has caused her soul, her very being to be consumed with hatred, will be the ultimate test in a book that has a horrendous scenario. Will she be condemned to hell?

“…, I’ll come down and drag you out of hell myself.”

She’d fooled him. He found out what her game was. Now Dornan wants revenge, too. This man is one very sick SOB! And there is no-one who is going to stop him on his quest to break her. Not only has the head of the family had an important part to play in Julie’s life, but we will also discover secrets which absolutely floored me!

“Have I ever lied to you, baby girl?”

Towards the end of this story, we’re thrown into an extremely realistic shoot-out scene. It wasn’t difficult to imagine bullets flying around one’s head; god-dammit, I had to duck! And just before all this happens, Dornan’s youngest son, Jase, enters into the plot! Well, in most circumstances we would say better late than never; it’s about time lover boy showed up, yeah? Not in this case though. When Julie finds out his true colours; her emotions run wild. She’s ecstatic in one breath, she’s distraught in another. Why? One-click to find out what the love of her life has done to deserve her rebuff, why the title is what it is.

“Tell her, son. Tell her what you did.”

Even though the new character introduced to us isn’t exactly going to save the day, he did give his pound of flesh, so how could I not connect to him? I was glad to see the back of some undesirables who had a huge part to play in the other books, too. The battle of wills between the two main protagonists is well thought out, the storyline’s flow is impeccable. Ms Germain, while reading your exceptional book, I thanked god for best friends. Throughout, you have managed to make my feelings run riot. You are an extremely descriptive writer and it is plain to see that you have taken a lot of trouble not to leave out the smallest detail. Bravo!

“I’m not going anywhere,” he says, “I’m never leaving you again.”

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