Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

The last book in the Fighter Series could easily be read as a standalone. The author has made sure that the reader isn’t in the slightest bit confused when describing her characters in a plot so fast moving that I didn’t put the light out until silly o’ clock! Reading Jax and Lily’s moving love story is without a doubt, unputdownable.

Jackson Knight, Jax, is not only the blue-eyed boy in every sense of the word; but this smart, successful investor is also the perfect gentleman. All said and done, he’s been well-brought-up in a privileged surrounding. Knight is a name that carries weight with the wealthy and influential. Even though they trust him with their money, we’ll have to see whether or not he can trust them back. He has no qualms about fighting for what he wants though. And I do mean fight! When his plans to invest in a business which specializes in his passion, he didn’t bank on having to cross so many peaks and valleys with Lily who inherited half of it from her father. He has just had about as much as he can take with his father’s scandals and what should have been plain sailing complicates by the minute.

The last thing Lily needs in her life is another amorous relationship. She’s still trying to ward off her ex who will not take no for an answer, makes her feel guilty, and virtually makes her life impossible. Caden is a nasty piece of work! The problem is that it’s not so easy for her to steer clear of this jealous and highly aggressive individual. And another problem she has is Jax! She can’t take her eyes of him, she likes his company and it doesn’t take them long to find out that they have a lot of things in common. I just loved the mealtime scenes. It has put a new perspective on the word! He worms his way under her skin with all his innuendos, outstanding banter and who doesn’t lay their eyes on a body like Jax’s is missing out! Oh my God, I’d definitely let him worm his way under by skin!

I wish Lily could have come across as a stronger person, but I think that this is understandable having been sheltered by an overly protective father all of her life. Jax will make mistakes and she will too, but hers had me floored. Why on earth she trusted who she did, well knowing that this person had been causing so much friction, was beyond me! Grrr…I would have gladly strangled her at this point in the story! The plot is extremely feasible, good and solid, and all the characters are well described. There are some brilliant bite your nails scenes, and the author managed to get me all worked up regarding Jake’s insistence on getting vengeance the way he did. Ooooh yeah! What we all like to read in this type of genre is some hot sex. It isn’t hot; it’s sizzling! And what I liked more than anything here was when Jax takes his suit off. This polite and courteous man has a really dirty mouth when undressed and his vocabulary is so vividly described that you’ll need to get your fan out. Bravísimo sums this book up to a tea!

SWEET FALL (Sweet Home Series #3) by TILLIE COLE


FIVE STARS (Not allowed to rate it with more!)

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

It’s extremely difficult to put a star rating on a MASTERPIECE! This outstanding read has been a hard lesson for me since I was ignorant to the fact that this illness not only has an immense physical and mental impact on the person that has to fight it, but also how their loved ones manage to cope with it. The author’s sensitivity, her knowledge and ability to describe both protagonists’ feelings will leave you breathless and is nothing less than admirable. Every minuscule detail is relevant in this angst-ridden book and regardless of whether or not you’re sobbing your heart out, it will have bring out the strength in you to carry on reading.

Even though Austin Carillo is from the wrong side of town, he’s responsible and adores ‘sua famiglia’. I just adored the way the author has subtly integrated the Italian language into the story giving all the family members’ backgrounds such authenticity. He hasn’t got time for gals or socializing because he’s too busy trying to hold his family’s fragile infrastructure together, playing football and studying. His mother, Chiara, is terminally ill and needs expensive treatment which has to be paid for. The money that comes into the household is earned dishonestly and going to cause considerable friction between his oldest brother, Axe, and himself. When Austin finds out that his youngest brother, Levi, has been dragged into the Heighters gang, he goes apes**t! Austin is sooo sensitive. This young man’s personal story is heart-rending. He’s far too proud for his own good, and won’t listen to Rome, his best friend who plays quarterback on the same team and consequently, Austin carries all the family obligations on his shoulders. Despite the fact that Axe is convinced his method of overcoming their plight is a pushover and berates his brother for being so righteous, Austin does all in his power to control a situation that is spiralling out of control.

“I’m keeping this famiglia going, not you, superstar.”

Oooh Lexi! If my heart broke in two for Austin, it was literally shattered to smithereens when Lexi’s story unfolds. You will discover why Lexi confesses her true feelings to someone very dear to her heart by the only way she knows how; writing in her diary. And you will comprehend why she has this disorder, why she hides behind outrageously heavy makeup and sloppy clothes all in due course. But there’s an inner voice constantly persecuting her which she has to fight against.

“The temptation of the inner voice… the desperate temptation to go back there, to freely give over the reins.”

Does this beautiful soul have the strength to ward off something so harmful? She cheers for the same team that Austin and Rome play for and she’s good. However, she wants to be better, more beautiful, and show her best friends that she’s a true friend and team member, too. Wait and see if they eventually see through the façade she has so carefully erected around her slight frame; her vulnerable state of mind.

“…standing in the pouring fall rain, I felt a piece of my soul die.”

If there were ever two opposites in life, this is Lexi and Austin! Circumstances draw them together but those very circumstances could pull them apart. They are without a doubt, made for each other. Their connection is more than body and soul, it’s celestial. These two wonderful protagonists who are in desperate need of being saved will become one another’s saviours.

“Breathe deep. Be strong. Be brave.”

I can honestly say that I have never read a story that has emotionally affected to the point that I had to cry help to another blogger. Thank you Jo for your little nudge! Much appreciated. I took a deep breath and carried on to be absolutely overwhelmed and was left with the biggest smile on my face. What a fan-freakin’-tastic read. I am lost for words to describe how well Ms Cole has written this story. The development of all the characters and storyline is beyond perfection. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Bravo!



Reviewed by Claire Rose on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever

They call me the Praying Mantis because after I f**k my target; I KILL THEM! Target – Spades motorcycle gang.

After reading this, I was hooked lock, stock and barrel. I needed to know more and I have to say that I couldn’t put this novel down and read it in one sitting. This novel is a hot short read which keeps you intrigued from the very first page.

The prologue is where we are first introduced to eighteen year old Alecia Reynolds, who is in her first year at college and loving life. Until one day when she gets a phone call asking her to come down to the local police station. While there, she receives news that no teenager ever wants to hear or believe. And what used to be the happy go lucky Alecia, is now a girl who just exists.

One year later, she arrives back home and receives a package showing her what events had taken place before she received the bad news. Shaking with nerves, she then calls a close family friend who agrees to help her find out the truth. She starts to receive more and more packages and messages telling her what she must to do to seek the truth out. Who is sending these packages and messages? But what Alecia wants more than anything is revenge!

Throughout the story, we see Alecia transform into a different person. She gets stronger and won’t stop until she acquires what she wants. A few years later, Ella Moore is born aka Alecia. She has a plan; to become part of the spades motorcycle gang and seek vengeance. Ella Moore enters the spades motorcycle club with her eyes wide open! She will become someone that really isn’t her at all. Holy moly! Taser is one very hot dude. Tattooed, tall and a body that built like a house, he knows who Ella is and knows what she intends to do. But unbeknown to her, there is more to him than she thinks. While he watches her, he tries to stake a claim on her. Can he, or is he part of revenge? One click and read this novel and find out.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. I loved the way it has a small twist towards the end, and even though I found a few minor errors, the book wasn’t spoilt. Because a few words and phrases didn’t make sense to me, I give this story four and half stars. I wasn’t disappointed, and I’m sure you won’t be either, so I recommend that you read it.