TWISTED by CALLIE HART (Blood and Roses #5) by CALLIE HART


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.

Rules are rules! Never sum up a book in the introduction! However, Callie Hart has a way of making you lose sleep. Take heed; before you pick up the 5th book in Blood and Roses series, make sure you know what time it is because you won’t be able to put it down. I’ve taken my time here and finished reading this incredibly fast moving story at half seven in the afternoon the next day. “Why?” you may ask. Simply because every little detail was of extreme importance. To say the story of Zeth and Sloane is good would be an insult. It’s sublime; and not only is the the author going to make me suffer while waiting for the grand finale which I imagine will be brilliant, but she’s also left be dangling; again! It is of utmost importance that you read this series in order and if you haven’t started reading it, don’t hesitate to one-click because you won’t be disappointed.

Zeth and Sloane have come a long way since the beginning of their convoluted relationship. Note: I haven’t said love story yet because we’ve still got to fathom out whether it is love or a horrendous infatuation they have for each other. Will she have the strength to admit to herself her true feelings well knowing the career she has fought so hard for is about to become a shadow of her past? And Zeth. Is he prepared to face up to the true facts? Prepared to give into his inner torments and be completely honest with himself; with her? He has put her in a situation of extreme tension. Danger plays a huge part in this story and she is going to have to have the strength to overcome all the hurdles thrown in her path. Convincing him that she’s by his side through thick and thin won’t be easy.

It’s actually such an action packed story that it’s not the slightest bit difficult to imagine a car chase in a gangster movie. Michael, of course, will do his best to protect his passengers regardless of whether or not one of them has put them all in this tight spot to start off with. Sorry folks, I’m not telling you who but my, oh my, are you going to be mad with the one supposedly trusted friend that Sloane has. The banter between all the characters is so believable that one would ignore everything around them and if Mother Nature calls, bad luck because you’ll be having the sensation of bothersome commercials in between an intriguing series full of suspense. How on earth she has managed to describe every little facet is beyond me! It is clear to see that this author has left blood, sweat and tears behind her protagonists. Lacey; especially Lacey! She will break your heart, she will make you weep, and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen to this gullible soul.

The baddies turn even worse, too! Despite loving Charlie’s English accent, I would have welcomely strangled the SOB. All the other characters have their part in a solid storyline which shouldn’t be ignored, but as I would like you to read this series of blackmail, intrigue and passionate lust, yeah, lust with a capital L, no more is to be said. A few words to Ms Hart. You have done it again. Bravo!


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