Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

A little black dress is believed to be an essential item in one’s wardrobe; however, after reading Carly and Aaron’s story, Mr. Malden has entirely changed the concept of wearing said attire. From now on, I will certainly think about the outcome when wearing mine! Most likely wishful thinking on my part but all said and done, there’s no harm in building castles in the sky, is there?

This a semi-cruel and outstandingly erotic story! We’re thrown straight into a very sexy scene from page one and it not only gets hotter, but it also gets damn right complicated. Who is the culprit for such disruption in what appears to be a lovely sexy love story? Well, to start off with, Carly has temptation in front of her eyes. She really wants to impress her lover but she’s on a tight budget, so what does she do? Well, I’ll leave the answer up to your imagination and only say that her bright idea is going to backfire. And here enters Cruella de Vil into the story? Miranda likes to swing both ways and her idea of making Carly pay is definitively not through the nose! A true expert in getting what she wants; blackmailing her employee without compunction seems to be second to none. In a nutshell; she’s an A. One. Bitch! If her conditions aren’t met, she will take dire steps. Believe you me, this woman means business and the word no doesn’t exist in her vocabulary!

Aaron and Carly are getting their act together. He is literally in awe of his girlfriend and even suggests taking their relationship a step further. Carly can’t believe her luck either. What they never envisaged was the torturous couple of hours in front of them. They are forced to please Miranda’s every sexual whim and this is what this story is about. Deception, intimidation, and mental and physical abuse are the backbone of this naughty, naughty story! Oh my goodness, the sex is so descriptive that it’s on the verge of pornographic! Miranda’s also got a ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ lingo, taking great pleasure in insulting both of them. Despite the fact that I couldn’t comprehend why Carly hadn’t confess her wrongdoings to Aaron beforehand; on reflection, we wouldn’t have had a brilliant story line that moves at the speed of lightening if she had. Mr. Malden, the ending left me aghast! I would have liked to know just that little bit more about how your brilliantly described protagonists get on after such a mind-blowing experience.

Now to sum up this read. Mr. Malden, there is no doubt at all that you dominate the urban dictionary extremely well and you undeniably know how to write a good story. The storyline was original, quite realistic, unputdownable, and most importantly, very enjoyable. Bravo!

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