Reviewed by Claire Rose on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever


What an incredible book to start the Santini brother series. This novel isn’t just about romance; no, this novel contains five Italian Mafia families who all happen to be at war with the main protagonists being the Santini family. In fact, there are actually nine of the bad boys who are all brothers, all alpha males and dangerous. Each one of them has his own part to play in the family feud. However, there is an even bigger war going on in the Santini household that may tear the family apart.

Let me introduce you to Ricardo. The story starts with one of the brothers asking Ricardo for help as he fears danger may lie ahead for his family. Ricardo is tall, muscular and tattooed and is feared by everyone as he is the oldest of the brothers and next in line to become the Don, a mob boss. The father is no longer capable, so the family all take a vote on an important issue. Momma Santini is someone to be reckoned with, too! And Brando has no morals and is pure evil; the fourth brother wants the title of Don, so disputes begin within the house. Meanwhile, Ricardo is the one who is spiralling down a dark path due to events which have had a deep influence on his life. At the same time, he is trying to protect his loved ones and do the right thing. Following a heated meeting with his siblings in which Ricardo tells everyone what he expects from them, an unexpected event occurs which takes him back in time and cause his emotions to rise to the surface.

Bianca D’Angelo is feeling the heat because of something dreadful that happened in her past and feels that her only option is to run. She’s in dire danger, and she fears that there may be serious consequences from enemies. Unexpectedly, she is recognised which puts her into further peril, and she desperately seeks shelter from someone she believes she can trust. Will she find the protection she needs? Perhaps things won’t be as she had anticipated. Will her life be on a knife’s edge for long?

I really loved this story. It has everything you would expect in a Mafia novel from hot Mafia men. There was even a twist to the story which I never saw coming, so I’m going say congratulations to the author for this sublimely written action-packed book. And I look forward to reading the follow-up. Can’t wait to read Brando’s story. I award this novel FIVE INCREDIBLE STARS and you have gained yourself a fan. Thank you!