Reviewed by Claire Rose for Kindle Friends Forever

Ebook CoverThis is the first story in the Knights Rebel MC series and I loved it! I’m a big fan of MC novels so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to reviewing it. I’m not going to give any spoilers away as you should read it and I can assure you that this book won’t be a disappointment.

Firstly, we meet Kandence. She has been through hell in her past, but she’s survived and this has helped her to become a stronger woman who gives as much as she gets. Nevertheless, she doesn’t trust men, so she guards her heart with everything she has. That is until she meets Nix and the real fight begins to stop all these feelings she has towards him.

Nix. Well, what can say about him! Messy brown hair, dazzling green eyes and tattoos in the all right places! Yeah, he’s my kind of man. Dominant, possessive and president of The Knights Rebel MC and pure alpha male, too. When he meets Kandence for the first time, he is instantly attracted to her. But one look into her blazing eyes is enough for him to know that she’s sassy, stubborn and she’ll fight him every step of the way. And ooh boy, is he looking forward to the chase!

As things start to happen for Kandence and Nix, events take place that make Kandence push Nix away. He tries to fight for her and in the process, loses his temper. Words that were spoken had little or no effect and she turns cold. In frustration, he realises that there’s nothing to do and leaves.

I have to say this book gripped me from chapter 1 with its duo points of view and one hot alpha male. I’ve awarded this brilliantly written novel five stars and looking forward to reading more from this author in this series.

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