THE LOVER’S SECRET (No Exceptions #1) by JC REED


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Uncertainty rules in this book which keeps you on edge throughout this brilliantly written novel. And I’m still not sure whether or not the author intended this book to be a follow up to the Surrender, Conquer Your Love and Treasure Your Love, but if you haven’t read them, don’t worry! J C Reed has used her magic.

Brooke Stewart walks into one of the most luxurious hotel foyers in New York City dressed up to the nines, but she’s at sixes and sevens with her nerves! This is it. A rendezvous with Mr. Sex-on-Legs. She wants more from this enigmatic man with his sexy voice and horrendously good looks. Nevertheless, she’s yet to find out what his game is and even though it appears that he going out of his way to make her happy, he alludes to her wishes well knowing her condition.

Brooke and Jetts’ relationship is solid, passionate and for the first time in her life full of complications, she has learnt to trust someone, or at least that’s what she thought. When she starts to discover tell-tail signs of things that don’t exactly add up, she realises that apart from her best friend, Sylvie, the only one person who can help her, is herself! An inheritance which is causing problems and penniless won’t dampen her spirits. Now she has the opportunity to do something about her affairs. Perhaps she’ll make that phone call that could get her out of a situation she’d never dreamed of being in, perhaps she won’t. The end of a book left me hanging on the precipice of which I can only say caused consternation.

There was no point in the story that gave me a clue as to what Jett’s intentions are; however, I do get the impression that he’s up to no good. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Will this absolutely gorgeous man play his cards right, or will he let me down again? Yes, he’s not a saint! Therefore I’ll just have to wait for The Lover’s Game in the No Exceptions series coming in September.

In spite of leaving the quintessential sexy details to the last, the amorous scenes must be mentioned as they are hotter than a Vindaloo curry! To say descriptive would be an understatement and you’ll definitely be fanning yourselves. And this is what I’m leading up to; the storyline is so well-plotted and so full of mystery that for me, the hot scenes were an added bonus. Two words to Ms Reed‒simply bravo!


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