Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

I was very pleased to be reading Hopeful for an honest review as I had already read the previous story Faithful.

The story centres around Joel Wentworth and Ava Elliot and flits from present day to past. Why you may ask? Well, Ava is a successful lawyer and has been a workaholic for the past eight years since leaving University. She hasn’t been on the dating scene and her friends since University keep reminding her she needs to get back out there. They also drop the bombshell that Joel is coming back to London from New York where he has been living and working for the past eight years.

The group of friends are oblivious as to why Ava suddenly feels panicked at the very thought of Joel coming back. Ava enrols the help of Jules to help her with online dating as she doesn’t want Joel to believe she is a lonely spinster. Jules is happy to help Ava achieve this. Joel arrives back into London, he is single, hot and an extremely successful businessman. It is arranged for all the friends to have a reunion dinner with Joel to welcome him back.

The story jumps to the past where Joel and Ava develop a close friendship going to the library regular to study but it becomes apparent they have strong feelings for one another. They embark on a secret relationship as Ava feels it may ruin the dynamics of the group of friends. The tension is palpable every time there is a gathering with Joel, Ava Jules, Adam, Matt and Hannah and of course Daniel and Leah who we learnt about from Faithful. As the story progresses, you are anxious to know why eight years ago Joel and Ava were in their own little love bubble and get to where they are now older and alone. It’s clear they were deeply in love eight years ago. So what happened or changed to make them where they are in present day? Do they still harbour feelings for each other after all this time? That is a question that can only be answered by reading this story.

This book contains hot sex, angst and you are so desperate to know what happens next. It is clear the author knows how to tell a good story that keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more, and I’m hoping that we get to have more about Joel and Ava along with the other mentioned characters. This story reminded me of the hit American series Friends but with hot scenes and more angst. We all know how successful that show was.

Well done Louise for another fantastic book. I’m hopeful there is more to come.