4.5  STARS

Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever

If you enjoy a sweet love story, this is without a doubt the one for you. The story revolves around two main characters. Kelsey Conner, daughter of a congressman and his society wife who care more about their social standing in society and what people think of them than they do about their own daughter, and Riley. An absolutely gorgeous fly-boy who will love her like no other. The story begins when Kelsey is about to walk up the aisle to a man she neither likes nor loves. “What is she doing this for?” you may ask. Well, simply to please her mother and father. Her maid of honour and best friend, Jennifer, doesn’t want her to marry Todd who she fondly refers to as the douche bag and no holds were barred regarding her feeling about this match! Kelsey manages to walk up the aisle and come face to face with Todd. Before she even takes her vows, she realises that she can never marry this man. Result! A jilted groom! Now disowned by her parents, she and Jennifer move to a new town to start afresh where she’s happily employed at the local diner. What happens next is a good old fashioned courtship. Romantic dates and one doozy of a date in a Black Hawk helicopter. Shhhh don’t tell his superiors! That moment that everyone dreads is meeting the parents of one’s partner. In this case, the author has really done well in putting across the angst and trepidation Kelsey feels when the big moment arrives. She’s obviously concerned that they won’t like her. But the loving family atmosphere they share together and a totally strange concept, needn’t have worried her in the slightest because they welcome Kelsey with open arms. Then just as things seem to be hunky dory, the unimaginable happens! She decides to give Riley some breathing space, so what do you think will happen to this lovely couple when they both go off the rails? Will true love prevail? This story is beautifully written and covers aspects of military life that only a military family would know and understand. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t find this interesting. On the contrary, as I felt these details were important for the story. Sending a loved one on deployment is very emotional and I think Tiffany covered this with a lot of care. Thank you for a most enjoyable read and looking forward to reading more of your books.