EVELYN (Fallen Angel series #3) by TRACIE PODGER



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

This is one of those books that’s been slipped into a series and I can honestly say that if you’ve decided to read this book before reading the Fallen Angel series, it won’t spoil the flow of this beautifully written trilogy. Thus, you’ll have more of an understanding as to why Evelyn has the stance she has regarding love.

The story starts off when she’s sixteen. She’s totally infatuated with the wrong man and even though she’s been warned to stay clear of him by a person very dear to her heart, she can’t fight against her feelings. She does try to take the advice offered to her, but this gorgeous Italian bad-ass is never far away from her thoughts. Life’s circumstances make her grow up quickly. She accepts that she can’t carry on with her education as there’s a family to look after and a household to run.

Time goes by and Evelyn’s life starts to pick up. It’s only got one thing missing in it, Rocco. In spite of the fact that he’s working for Evelyn’s father and he well knows that his boss would never approve of his daughter having a relationship with anyone like him, doesn’t mean he’ll be able to control this seemingly magnetic strong pull towards her. Not only is he quite a bit older than her, he’s also been under her father’s protection for a few years. “Why?” you may ask. Well folks, I’m not letting on!

What I will tell you about is the splattering of extremely hot sex! Explicitly described and like the rest of the book, very well written. I also liked the way she has portrayed her protagonists’ feelings for each other which oscillates between happiness and desperation. What made me really, but really very sad was when they eventually find a solution to their problem! The turn of events were unexpected and had me in tears. I have read Fallen Angel #1 and #2 and loved them. The author has not let me down with Evelyn’s story either and I’m looking forward to reading Fallen Angel – Robert’s story, A Virtual Affair. I hope you don’t make me wait too long Ms Podger. Bravo!