Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! I did say you naughty lady you in my last review! Yeah, Ms Richmonde! You left be dangling, for want of a better word, on a precipice in the first book of this series, Shooting Star. In fact, I was pretty damn angry with you but in a good way because what you’d managed to do is get me counting down for the release of Falling Star!!! Now Jake and Star are back in the second book of the Beautiful Chaos series with a vengeance! What you think is going to happen to this gorgeous pair of proud and independent characters, simply doesn’t! Oooh no! Better things are to come depending on how you look at the story told from their point of view. We’re also in for the totally unexpected which had me completely floored! Yes ma’am, you’ve done it again!!!

If you haven’t read the first book in the Beautiful Chaos series, you really must because this isn’t a standalone novel. And if you have, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten Jake is directing a film and his female lead, Star, is a real tease and used to getting her own way. Thus, when Jake refuses to fall into the web she’s weaving, she throws a tantrum! The problem with them is they simply clash! Oooh, and do they clash beautifully! Jack puts his foot in it and Star can’t fathom out why he is like he is with her. He’s a man for God’s sake! In the heat of the moment, they say things that can be easily misinterpreted! Do you think she’ll be able to read between the lines eventually, or will she still think the man she is obsessed with is playing her? There are certainly a lot of trust issues here too and it makes one think that the two of them together would be downright disastrous. Or explosive! 

We get to know more about Leo’s character, Jack’s right-hand man. This gorgeous hunk of a Ukrainian whose English language defects are just adorable, is forced into a position with Star which made me more than nervous! Good sign in a book, eh? And not only did this page-turner leave me slap-bang in the middle of an astonishing climax, but also had me praying that the obvious won’t happen. I’ll have to wait to see the outcome in Shining Star, won’t I?

One word to sum up this impeccably written read Ms. Richmonde. Bravo!