4.5  STARS

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.

DESIRE 2Throughout this novella I was on tenterhooks! I turned the first page and from there on in I couldn’t put the book down. Do you want a hell of a storyteller? Well, Ms Johnson is exactly what you’re looking for! I hate the word wow, and I’m not going to use it. Only stronger words can be applied to this story about two completely incompatible and adorable characters that made me smile, made me laugh out loud, made me think and made me feel honoured to able to read their story by means of an ARC gifted to Kindle Friends Forever for an honest review.

Kaitlyn ran! Her running away from an abusive relation would not only protect the one’s she most loved, but also protect herself. Even though proven true, nobody believed her! As she was considered a slut in the town where she was brought up and virtually non grata, she shut any kind of relationship out of her life except for her best friend, Ara. Anybody would wish to have such an understanding friend that stands by them through thick and thin. Years pass by and Kait has no contact with her family. She has no wish to confront her demons and does what she knows how to do best. She works in one of the most elite bordellos in Seattle, likes the easy money and the protection she has there. Then a catastrophe happens and her life is turned upside down. All of a sudden, she becomes a mother figure to her young brother and adolescent sister who have had no bond with her for years. Problems there will be. Wait and see!


Detective Devon Walkerson has a job to do! Past experiences have taught him a lesson; however, he should have learnt that business cannot be mixed with pleasure by now! The question is, can he abide by the rules and regulations he must respect? This twentyish, knocking on thirty strong and super horrendously attractive man is hot! In fact, it’s difficult for me to describe him because he’s the perfect man in more ways than one! He strolls into Kait’s life and the attraction they have for each other is so frinkin’ palpable, it hurts! They are not, but not, made for each other! She pushes him away and he keeps pushing back. Will he discover the guarded secret she has? Will she give in to all her hang ups and confess?

Now down to the bottom line señores and señoras! The banter is beyond exceptional. The innuendos flow freely throughout this story and will make you laugh out loud. There was one point when I had to grab for the box of Kleenex, too! What we all like is a steamy bedroom scene. It’s there, it’s hot and even though this is a standalone novel, I’d still like to see more from where this came from. Whether or not the author will write a follow-up to this novel remains to be seen but in my honest opinion, there’s plenty more room to tell the reader how this gorgeous couple are getting on. I will ignore the few typo errors as I really enjoyed this well-written book and award it four and a half stars. Bravo Ms Johnson!