RAISING RYANN (Bad Boy Reformed 1) By Alyssa Rae Taylor.

3.5  STARS

Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever

Raising Ryann is the first book in the Bad Boy Reformed trilogy. We all love a bad boy turned good. A modern day love story that brings with it issues of childhood abuse which I thought the author handled with the sensitivity it deserved. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of fighter books, but I needn’t have worried as there was hardly any fighting action in this book.
The story revolves around two main characters.

Firstly, Luke Ryann, an MMA fighter who decides to give up the fighting, drinking and the women who continuously keep throwing themselves at him, just wants to get his act together and live his life. He is called upon to help out the foster parents who took him in after the death of his mother and the arrest of his father. Furthermore, he has never forgotten the girl next door, Reese Johnson.

Reese has endured an abusive childhood at the hands of her father. She works at the local gym teaching self-defence classes to children, and she also remembers the boy next door who saved her one night. Luke and Reese come together but it’s all not plain sailing and life deals them some low blows. To help keep Reese safe, Luke has to make a decision that will change both their lives.

This is a classic love story that alternates between the past and present day. Unfortunately, I felt little lost and confused because I had to flick back to the previous page in the hope I hadn’t missed anything. The two main protagonists come together through circumstance and a memory that will stay with them forever. This was a sweet love story but the beginning was a tad too slow for me. Despite this setback, there is a good cliff-hanger and my only hope is book two’s pace will pick up as I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens to these two lovely characters.

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