Reviewed by Claire Rose for Kindle Friends Forever

This is the third book TroubleMaker novel and each book is a standalone. Although I haven’t read the first two books, I loved this one and would love to read the next one and any more in the series.

Luke O´Conner, aka Lucky, has everything a woman wants or needs. A loving family, his own business and a godly body. The problem is Lucky bares guilt from events that happened when he was a teenager and he can’t move forward. While trying to remember the safety deposit vault numbers he’d had installed, he’s distracted by one very high maintenance co-worker and a drunk woman in the shop and has no option but to go and investigate.
This inebriated woman just happens to be a Kaley’s BFF.

Kaley is having a tattoo done and because of the disturbance, he not only ends up tattooing her, but he also has to put things right since his co-worker screwed this young gal’s tattoo up. There is an instant attraction between the two of them, so he flirts with her and she flirts back knowing nothing will become of it. Or so he thinks until he realises he’s made a dreadful mistake and he must find Kaley as she is the only one who has the answer.

Kaley was a successful child actress and struggling with her own events in her life, in her career and in her relationship with her mother. Even though she becomes rebellious, Kaley herself knows what she wants. She has a strong personality and has a best friend that every woman should have, too.

Lucky has no option but to find Kaley if he wants to get back what he inadvertently gave her. What is it you may ask? Well, not even she knows what it is and the only way to find out is by reading this story with a brilliant and fast-moving plot. When he does eventually find her, is this gorgeous badass of a man with tattoos and muscles in all the right places going to be honest with her? Is she going to accept or refuse a deal he offers her? But more importantly, is he going to be the man she thought he was or is he going turn out to be sly and deceitful?

I have to say that despite Lucky battling with his past, he is one hot male and oh Lord, the way he talks and flirts with Kaley (which leads to a very hot sex scene), was above my expectations. I want him!

This book is written beautifully and I couldn’t see any grammatical mistakes. Although this book is not my usual read, I’m looking forward to more books in this series from this author and I hope she writes about some of the other characters in this book. (Fallon, Lucky’s brother, Marisa, Kaley’s BFF) as I felt they also have stories to be told. A highly recommendable read and definitely worth the five star rating I have awarded.


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