ALIAS (Belleza #2) by J.A. HERON

ALIAS (Belleza #2) by J.A. HERON


Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

I read book 1 Belleza and was hooked so when Alias was released, I was intrigued to learn more about Trixie who made a few appearances in Belleza. This is a story of a woman that has had a lot of hurt in her life, and why she turned to escorting. Trixie is a colourful character with her flamboyant dress sense and some of the clients she is hired by are entertaining to read about. In steps in a client known as Mr Orange he is a handsome Korean wealthy man who hires Trixie on a regular basis. Wherever Trixie goes he suddenly turns up and you begin to wonder if he feels more.

I certainly think Trixie felt more for him and thought with her line of work it was impossible. This is about her strength and self discovery of what she wanted her future to be. There was sizzling hot sex between the pair and you really rooted for them to give into how they really felt about each other.

Of course it contains a lot of emotions, angst, sadness , happy scenes and some heartbreaking topics. I was not expecting some of what happened and I still hung to the hope of an HEA. The author put everything into the story of Trixie and all the sadness and heartbreak she endured. There is a delicate topic which I think is dealt with sensitively.

I certainly enjoyed Belleza series and I look forward to what’s next from Ms Heron.

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